Have You Seen The Avengers Yet?

AvengersThe Avengers movie is out and has something for everyone in the mix.  Whether you’ve been a longtime fan of Marvel comics, or are just starting out, this movie is a must-see. Although, I have to say, if you haven’t seen any of the prequels yet, you may have some catching up to do.

The Avengers originally started out as Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, Ant-Man, and the Hulk. One by one all of the superheroes joined forces to fight Loki. After the Avengers fought off Loki, the heroes chose to continue to fight crime side by side. Wasp was the one who came up with the name “Avengers”. Eventually the Avengers added Captain America to the mix, after finding him trapped in ice and reviving him.

The Avengers of the recently released movie include Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, and Captain America, with the addition of Black Widow and Hawkeye. Some of the individual Avengers have their own movies that have come out over the years. Catching up on these prequels will enlighten your understanding of the new Avengers movie.

What’s great about the new Avengers movie is that, not only does it appeal to men and boys, but it appeals to women as well. Joss Whedon, who wrote and directed Buffy the Vampire Slayer, also wrote and directed The Avengers, giving it enough blood and guts for the men and enough powerful women, plot, and heart for the ladies.

Comic book characters and superheroes in particular, like those from Marvel, have a long history with the toy industry. Kids love getting action figures, clothes and other merchandise associated with their favorite superheroes. Our sister company, All Aboard Toys, has an excellent selection of Iron Man toys to feed your kids’ Avengers addiction.

Dino dan continues to expand

Dino Dan

Attention all you Dino Dan fans!

Nick Jr (US), TVO (Canada), and TVA (French Canada) have all placed an order for a second season of Dino Dan.  Toronto-based Sinking Ship Entertainment is scheduled to produce 52 more 11-minute episodes of Dino Dan starting this March.

The TV networks decided to order more seasons once they heard that the Dan franchise was expanding its merchandise in retail stores and online. In March, Sinking Ship Entertainment is also scheduled to produce an iTunes app, which ties in with the dinodan.com site.  A second Dino Dan DVD is scheduled for production, as well as a mass-market launch of seven new toys.  Be on the lookout for these exciting new guys!  Dino Dan’s licensing is managed by The Licensing Shop.

Season one has already been sold to more than 100 countries by distributor Breakthrough Entertainment.  The new episodes of season two will go into production this spring, and will be airing in Canada by the fall.

Continue to check our website for more merchandise in the future. In the meantime, check out our Dino Dan toys.  Creator and Sinking Ship partner J.J. Johnson states, “We’re sure that this season Dan’s imagination is going to take kids on an even greater dinosaur journey.”


Ben 10 live action motion picture in the making


Ben 10, Ben Ten, Ben 10 Alien ForceAttention all you Ben 10 fans! Joel Silver of Silver Pictures is putting together a live-action Ben 10 movie along with Cartoon Network this year. They have hired Albert Torres to write a script for the film. Torres recently helped to rewrite the Warner Bros. motion picture, “Akira.” A distributor is still being sought, but most likely Warner Brothers will be chosen, given the relationship that Joel Silver has with them.

This is extremely exciting, as Joel Silver has almost single handedly reinvented the action film genre with the production of such movies as The Matrix and the Sherlock Holmes series. His current motion picture, “Project X,” as well as “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” have already grossed nearly $500 million worldwide (Sounds like he won’t have any problem pulling in the cash for this movie!).

Torres has been given the task of pulling out all the stops and turning Ben 10 into an impressive, big budget, action-oriented adventure. Although Torres’s work has been somewhat adult oriented in the past (Very Bad Things, Chuck Palahniuk’s Survivor), he may be ready for lighter hearted fare with his more recent contributions, including Akira.  Akira is the adaptation of the 1988 anime film, in which the leader of a biker gang tries to rescue his friend who has been kidnapped and used as the subject of a supernatural experiment (sounds like it’s right up Ben 10’s alley, doesn’t it?).

To get ready for the release of this film, you may want to stock up on your Ben 10 action figures and Ben 10 costumes. We may only have these for so long, and we don’t want to sell out.


Amtrak Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Amtrak is celebrating its 40th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, they’ve assembled a special train which includes displays of old memorabilia like uniforms, photos, and china. The train will be traveling through various parts of the United States. If you are interested in seeing the train, be sure to click here for the schedule to see if it’s passing through your area.

The Exhibit Train will feature a special Chuggington play area for your little ones.  Your children will be super-excited when they see it!  It might also be a good idea for your child to work on his or her BADGE QUEST ahead of time so that they will be prepared when they go to see the train.  What is the Badge Quest, might you ask?  The Badge Quest is a series of stories and challenges which allow parents and children to interact. Children accept challenges, and upon completion of the challenge, receive a badge.  There are several different opportunities for challenges and badges, which makes it fun and exciting for all.  This opportunity is perfect for preschool aged children.

We at Ty’s Toy Box are also excited about Amtrak’s 40th anniversary celebration, and have an awesome selection of Chuggington toys, including trains, to help you celebrate!  We also have clothing items that you can personalize with your child’s name on it.  Who knows-maybe they can even wear it to the Exhibit Train.

Monster Jam Truck “Grave Digger” Celebrates 30th Anniversary

In the late 1970s, people started to modify their trucks.  They also began to compete with one another to see who could build the biggest truck.  Modified pickup trucks soon became popular and so did the sports that were associated with it, including truck pulling and mud bogging.  It is widely believed that the first monster truck show occurred in 1981, when Bob Chandler added 48-inch tires to his truck named “Bigfoot” and drove it over dilapidated cars.  Nowadays, any truck with over-sized tires is generally referred to as a monster truck.

Grave Digger was the first monster truck to gain any recognition following Bigfoot.  This green and black truck became the poster truck for Monster Jam, a live motorsport event that is held year round.  Dennis Anderson helped to increase the sales of Monster Jam tickets with the creation of Grave Digger. He also pioneered what’s known as the “freestyle” version of monster truck competition.

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