Adventures with the Kratt Bros.

The Wild Kratts, also known as the Kratt brothers, or Chris and Martin Kratt, are really awesome. They love studying and hanging out with animals.  To better understand the animals the brothers have their friend, Aviva, make animal suits from the animals DNA. This allows the brothers to be closer to the animals and experience everything that the animals experience. For instance, to better understand flight patterns of Monarch butterflies, the Kratt brothers take Aviva for a ride in their Butterfly Adventure Vehicle to see the butterflies fly all the way to Mexico from the Great Lakes region. How cool is that gig?

The Kratts do have some villains, however.  Chef Gaston Gourmand is one of them. The Chef likes to cook delicious dishes out of the variety of animals that the Kratt brothers enjoy studying. Not too cool for a chef. In fact, the Chef lost his license because many of the animals that he cooked were endangered species. However, the Kratt brothers do a great job of fending off the animals away from this evil villain.

If your child is into adventure and animals, this is definitely the show for him or her to watch. Not to mention, if they are a devout fan, you may wanna pick up a little gift for him or her. Like character backpacks that you can personalize, a tote bag, or birthday invite.  You never know, your child just may be the coolest kid at school!