Maryoku: A Yummy Idea


Perhaps one of the cutest cartoon shows that I’ve ever seen is Maryoku Yummy. Maryoku lives in a dream world called the Nozomu, in which reside tiny beings called wishes. The wishes resemble tiny little marshmallow rectangles with a little swirly cue on top, which is reminiscent of Cindy Loo Hoo from Whoville in The Grinch.

Every time a child makes a wish, the tiny being travels to the land of Nozomu. Maryoku is a wish-sitter (or Yummy), which is a full time job. Maryoku likes to travel with her friends Ooka and Fij Fij throughout Nozomu, meeting with other friends and solving everyday problems. Other wish-sitters also watch the wishes, caring for each one and teaching them life lessons along the way. When a real wish is granted, the wish being shimmers and shines.

Saint Etienne composed the music for this adorable cartoon show, which the band described as, “Teletubbies meets Spirited Away”. (Indeed, watching it I was reminded of the fantastical, whimsical colors that were used by Hayao Miyazaki in Ponyo.)Maryoku Yummy was created by American Greetings. When it premiered, it came with a line of merchandise geared towards children and tweens. The tween merchandise was also featured in 600 U.S. Limited Too and Justice stores.

Maryoku Yummy still airs on The Hub, Thursdays at 10:30 am and 11:00 am EST.