Adventures with Strawberry Shortcake

You won’t find a better place to prepare for Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures than with Ty’s Toy Box!  We offer a vast selection of Strawberry Shortcake items.  We have both old and new styles, from the classic vintage Strawberry Shortcake cloth doll with blue eyes and red yarn hair, to the more modern sleek and sophisticated Strawberry Shortcake complete with accessories.  You can style her hair or decorate her outfits with ladybug charms.  You can’t go wrong either way that you choose, and why not purchase more than one?  One for you and one for a friend.

We also have picnic sets of Strawberry Shortcake with good friends, like Lemon Meringue and Raspberry Tart.  The play set includes mini scented figurines and as well as mini chairs, sandwiches, and a pie. Isn’t your imaginary appetite already starting to grow?

Let’s not forget the newest addition to Strawberry Shortcake’s circle of friends, who’s making news on CNN, Cherry Jam! Both Strawberry Shortcake and Cherry Jam love to sing together. However, Cherry Jam is very down to earth, and does not let the fact that she is a star get to her head.  Ty’s Toy Box also has Cherry Jam T-shirts, so you won’t want to miss out.

Also, with the holidays just around the corner, we have stocked up on Strawberry Shortcake items.  We have Christmas stockings, and apron and chef hat for your little chef to help out in the kitchen, as well as a growth chart to measure their growth. Don’t forget, all three of these items are able to be personalized with your little one’s name.  Either way you choose, let the adventures begin!

The Wiseness of Super Why!

Perhaps, like me, you’re wondering why Super Why has made a splash in the cartoon industry.  And why not? With all of the cartoons out there, how is this one different from any of the others?  Well, it may interest you to know that Super Why was created by the creators of Blues Clues, in order to improve critical reading skills in children from ages 3-6.  Approximately 20%-30% of children have difficulty reading. With attention spans decreasing more and more each day, it is critical to improve these skills by any means possible.  Super Why presents these reading concepts in a fun and exciting way.

For even more fun and interaction with Super Why, visit the PBS website.  In one of the games, you can even make a cake and pick different toppings to put on the cake. Whatever topping you pick to put on the cake, you have to spell. It’s pretty neat stuff, and I’m sure that your child will get a kick out of it, even if it’s just to work on his or her spelling, in a fun and interactive way.

If your little one is craving a little piece of Super Why to take home, consider buying him or her a gift that you an actually personalize on this website. For Christmas we have Super Why! Super Readers Christmas Stocking and the Super Why! Farewell to Santa Ornament.  Of course we also have the classic Super Why! Action Figure as well as Super Why! Style and Pose Wonder Red Doll, the superstar version of Red Riding Hood.

Gear up for Ben 10


Slap on your Omnitrix and prepare to morph into alien form with Ben 10!  Ben 10 episodes are still being aired on Cartoon Network.  A little hint: go to Cartoon Network‘s site where you can even play and even build your own Ben 10 game!

Speaking of which, if you have a devoted little fan, we have specialty holiday items like Ben 10 Omnitrix with Silhouette Black T-shirts (pictured above), Alien Web Wall Clocks, and the Ultimate Ben 10 Christmas stocking, all of which you can easily personalize, up to 9 letters.

Or, how about creating your own alien in the Ben 10 Alien Creation Laboratory! With the push of a button you can watch arms, legs, heads, and torsos come together. How cool is that?  You can create aliens like Ultimate Spidermonkey, Nanomech, Wildvine, and Benwolf.

If your hands are craving even more attention, consider our Ultimate Alien Vehicle sets.  They include Ben’s Wing Fighter, Kevin’s Rocket Pod, or Gwen’s Vortex Helicopter.  Each set comes with an action figure as well as the vehicle.  Collecting all three vehicles creates the new Rustbucket III, complete with missiles for the ultimate battle against evil!

One more thing to consider for your Ben 10 fan is the Ben 10 Alien Force Gift Set. It includes a little bit of everything with a Swampfire Alien Rock, Spidermonkey Planetary Powder, Chromastone Alien Creature action figure, Humungousaur Mini Basketball and the Ben 10 Omnitrix Duel for Power Game. Also included is a free Ben 10 ballpoint pen and Omnitrix bookmark!

The next time you or your little one is watching those episodes on Cartoon Network, wouldn’t it be cool to have some Ben 10 gear? You can always find them at Ty’s Toy Box.