Beach Time!

Summer is almost here, which means that many of us are gearing up for an annual family vacation! If this is your child’s first trip to the beach, or if your trip will be a particularly long one, you may want to consider bringing along his or her favorite friends:

Before packing for your trip, read Olivia Learns to Surf together to get your child in the mood for a vacation and then let your little girl try on her Disney Princess swimsuit before she packs it in her suitcase. Don’t forget a hat to block those harmful sun rays! If your child is a fan of Yo Gabba Gabba! you can have this Brobee bucket hat personalized!

You can purchase beach towels featuring all your child’s favorite characters—Strawberry Shortcake, Super Why!, Ben 10, and Caillou. (Those can all be personalized, as well!) Before you leave, pack a good beach bucket like this Thomas & Friends tin pail. And then put together a healthy lunch and grab your child’s Clifford lunch box to bring it along.

To keep it all together, toss it in a big, linen bag like The Wiggles Summer Fun Tote Bag and head out the door! Now, on a family vacation, a day at the beach, or a sunny day in the park, your child can have all their favorite friends along for the adventure.