Strawberry Shortcake Celebrates 30th Year Anniversary

American Greetings is celebrating their 30th year anniversary with Strawberry Shortcake, and so are we! We have also introduced a new line of sports sets into our Strawberry Shortcake toys, just in time for spring.  We have a strawberry shortcake mini bat and ball set, a regular bat and ball set, as well as a hockey set.

Also check out our Strawberry Shortcake “Goodies to Go” Scooter playset!  This playset includes cupcakes, pie, and cake that Strawberry Shortcake caters to her customers door-to-door in her scooter.  This playset is appropriate for ages 4 and up. The set also includes a miniature scented Strawberry Shortcake, Pupcake, two plates and slices of cake, a plate of muffins, two plates of sandwiches, two smoothies accessories, a plate of cupcakes, a berry pie, and a helmet, scooter, and trailer to deliver it all on!

Parents, just in case you didn’t know, you can now download the #1 smash hit kids game where Strawberry Shortcake makes her famous fruit smoothies in her Berry Café, available on your iPhone or iPod touch.  This is a great game, and will keep your children very entertained.

Be sure to check our website for the new Strawberry Shortcake DVDs that will be coming out on March 6, Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Brick Road and Strawberry Shortcake: Bloomin’ Berry Garden. It’s time to get Bloomin’ Berry for Spring!


New Caillou Products

Attention hockey fans!  We have introduced a new product into the Caillou product line: The Youth Hockey Jersey! Caillou loves winter sports.  You can show your support of this adorable 4 year old by sporting his shirt and joining him on the ice with his friends Clementine and Leo.  Caillou’s Youth Hockey Jersey features a large “C” on the front and is based on the Canadian TV Series.

We also have introduced the Caillou Bath Time Sail Boat. Included are figures Caillou and Rexy which actually float! The sailboat actually makes waves because it comes with a string that you can wind up to propel the sailboat forward.  This toy is wonderful because it helps to stimulate creativity, the imagination, and refine motor skills. A helpful hint for when you buy this toy is: keep all of the parts together in a plastic bin after bath time. Because there are multiple parts, they can get easily lost in the bath!  (That way, when your child goes to take a bath, there will be no tantrum over missing parts.)

Furthermore, with spring coming, a good project to work on with your children is planting a garden.  While still indoors, you can help cultivate an interest in gardening with the Caillou Green House Playset. This playset includes more than 20 pieces, including the gardener Caillou and Gilbert!  Your children can be just like Caillou, planting things and watching them grow.

Caillou shows are airing on PBS Kids.  If you are looking for more fun winter indoor activities in addition to episodes of Caillou, try the PBS Kids website.  There is a puzzle game, a memory game, and a magic keyboard, all of which are quite fun for young children.  Click here for games and activities, all of which are educational.