A New Diet with Fizzy’s Lunch Lab

Fizzy's Lunch Lab

Fizzy’s Lunch Lab was created to address the problem of obesity in America, especially with young children. The series is currently only offered online, but provides valuable information on how to cook simple meals, choose healthy snacks, and also gives nutrition tips.

 Fizzy’s goals are as follows:

1) To create a positive change in the current state of childhood nutrition.

2) To encourage daily physical activity and exercise.

3) To promote basic nutrition and proper portion-size, the importance of eating three meals a day (especially a good breakfast), and the value of family meal-time interactions.

You know that the show is on track because the advisory board consists of quality people, including someone who specializes in diabetes and metabolic diseases, food writers, and a health education professor.  The board has established and set scientific and educational goals, and relies on standards which are set by the USDA.

Sounds pretty good, right? Now if only they could make a cartoon that airs on PBS every day, they might have more reach. If all goes well with the popularity online, perhaps that can be the advisory board’s next goal.