Let PBS Teach Your Students Something New

Last week, PBS announced a new, exciting partnership between their PBS LearningMedia division and multimedia experts at Annenberg Learner.

Many teachers and parents may already be familiar with PBS LearningMedia, which is a free resource to educators. Its educational media pieces feature characters from many favorite television shows, books, and movies like Arthur, Sid the Science Kid, and Curious George, as well as various celebrities and professionals from regular PBS programming. The media aids teach everything from preschool science to college-prep art history and are used by parents, caregivers, and teachers worldwide.

PBS’s new partner—Annenberg Learner—is a division of the Annenberg Foundation and offers professional teaching media across various disciplines. They are a trusted resource in the academic community and their interactive media is a welcome addition to the PBS world! According to the official press release, at least 75 high-quality media pieces from Annenberg Learner will be added to the PBS LearningMedia library soon, with potentially more to follow.

You can visit both the PBS and Annenberg Learner websites to see examples of these high-quality videos. Many of Annenberg’s resources can be ordered through their website and, thanks to this new partnership, some are now available free online!

(For an idea of what’s available from PBS LearningMedia, check out this video clip where Sid the Science Kid learns how rolie polies move.)