What’s in Your WordWorld?


In WordWorld, kids can see the letters in every object! The creators of WordWorld, Don and Jacqueline Moody, created the show in response to a study that discovered that if there are both pictures and words simultaneously on a screen, children will pay more attention to the pictures than they do to the words. Don’s response was to build letters into the objects shown in the show.  If the characters are discussing something, they will spell out the word.  Once they spell out this word, the letters actually change into the object that it spells, with the letters still visible. It’s a really unique show that I think your kids will enjoy!

The show is geared towards 3- to 7-year-olds.  It premiered on September 3, 2007 on Disney Junior and CBeebies.  WordWorld has won an Emmy three times. It currently airs in over 90 countries around the world, and has been translated into more than 12 languages.  The show’s writers continue to base its curriculum on recommendations from the National Reading Panel and create episodes based upon the needs of children in the age range the show targets.  For instance, an episode called “Runaway O” helps children learn the letter “O.” Once the children in the show catch the “O,” they are able to use it to build the word “BOX.”

As many parents can already attest, this is a fun and exciting way for kids to learn letters and words.  For even more fun at home, draw a picture of a shoe with your child. Spell the letters S-H-O-E inside of the shoe. Color it, and then hang it on the wall. Just like the WordFriends, you too can help your child build words to save the day!

CGI Animation

What is CGI animation? CGI Animation is a process of combining 2D animation and live-action.  It is computer generated using 3D software. Films like Toy Story began to make this type of animation popular.  Dinosaur Train is the second show to use CGI animation from the Jim Henson Company, with Sid the Science Kid being the first.

Not only does Dinosaur Train use CGI Animation, but it takes two of the favorite interests of many children, dinosaurs and trains, and places them into one animated series.  The main show centers around Buddy, who is a Tyrannosaurus Rex that was adopted into a Pteranodon (think: flying) family.  Buddy gathers the majority of his information from riding the magic Dinosaur Train. The Dinosaur Train circles the whole world and can even transcend time by visiting dinosaurs in the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous time periods.

The train cars are customized for every type of dinosaur. That is, the Aquacar accommodates sea-dwelling dinosaurs, windows are available for the long-necked Sauropods, and plenty of headroom was available for the Theropods.

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