Ben 10: A Show That Mom and Dad Can Enjoy, Too!

You’re never too old to enjoy cartoons, especially if you have children that enjoy them. Many parents today grew up with the first or second generation of the very same comic and cartoon characters their children now enjoy, so it makes sense that they would continue to be fans! Don’t discredit newer shows, though. You might be surprised to find something new that you enjoy just as much as your old favorites.

Take, for example, the cartoon Ben 10. It may not have been around thirty years, but it is still a favorite among contemporary parents. The show is similar to many
superhero storylines they’ve seen before—Good Guy has special, secret skills to help him fight the Bad Guy. This time, though, there is a science-fiction element to the
premise. Ben 10’s skills come from a device called the Omnitrix, which allows him to evolve into various alien species. This is a story that many comic and cartoon fans
haven’t seen before!

If you’re a parent whose child enjoys the show, maybe you should sit-in and watch it together some time. You might be surprised by how much you’ll enjoy it. And, then, the next time your son asks you for a new Ben 10 shirt, maybe you’ll consider buying one for yourself, too!

Exploring Your World with Sid

Science was never my thing in school. In fact, I talked my way out of dissecting a worm in the 3rd grade. The teacher let me do some other tasks that counted in place of the dissection.  However, when I watch Sid the Science kid, I am intrigued by the fun and interesting way that they present science. Each episode is loaded with information regarding the scientific experiment and methods for observation and can be categorized according to weeks.

The first week focuses on scientific tools and concepts, including observing, charts, measuring, and estimation.  The second week focuses on transformation and change, including decay and growth, melting and freezing, and the effects of heat. The third week focuses on the senses. The fourth week focuses on health. The fifth week focuses on simple machines. The sixth week focuses on science that you can observe in your backyard. The seventh week focuses on the human body. The eighth week focuses on the weather.

All of these episodes are designed to engage the curiosity in your little ones and to help them figure out why things work the way that they do.  For even more fun ideas and games, click here.  I enjoyed playing “Snow Search” myself, and digging up objects in the snow. Other games include matching up snowflake halves, where kids learn about symmetry. For more cool stuff, see our kid’s online toy store.  You can also check Sid’s page and find some cool pajamas (pictured above) which you can also personalize and keep your child warm at the same time!