The Wiggles Walk into Huge Success

Nothing has stood the test of time like the Wiggles.  The group started in Sydney, Australia in 1991. The Wiggles consist of Murray Cook, Anthony Field, Phillip Wilcher, Greg Page, and Jeff Fatt.  Murray met Greg and Anthony at Macquarie University, where they were studying to become preschool teachers. Cook himself was in a number of bands before meeting these two individuals.  After meeting they all collaborated to created a school project.  This ultimately led to producing an album and subsequent touring.

From the beginning, the Wiggles understood that children have a short attention span, like to move around, and like to feel that they have a job to do.  Taking this into consideration, one of the Wiggles, Jeff, pretended to be asleep during their routine. The other Wiggles would request the children’s help by asking them to help wake him up.  The children really responded well to this and became very engaged.  As a result, the Wiggles have had more success than many popular bands, including Coldplay.  It can be argued that the Wiggles are the most successful children’s entertainers, second only to Disney.

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