Family Time with Caillou

Some children today have lost their appreciation for “family time.” Let Caillou teach your little one the joys of playing together!

With the DVD Caillou’s Family Favorites, our favorite four year-old has great adventures with his parents, sister, and grandparents. The DVD is about 100 minutes long and contains the Caillou episodes “Caillou’s Surprise,” “Captain Caillou,” “ Knowing How,” and “People I Love.”

To start your summer off right and let your child experience more fun together as a family, you can use this DVD to introduce the fun. But, don’t spend all your time indoors, looking at a tv screen! Take what you’ve seen and have your own adventures! There are plenty of other Caillou products to help.

For days close to home, you can use sidewalk chalk. Venture far away for a nature adventure with your old bug catcher or butterfly net! On rainy days, you can stay indoors and read a good book like “Calliou In The Garden” and play with a Caillou Treehouse Playset. As Fall nears and nights get chilly, your child can don their personalized hooded sweatshirt and you can take a walk to the local playground.

If your child has a hard time having fun together as a family, there’s no better way to encourage the fun than to show him how much fun his buddy Caillou has with his!


Cool Characters on Tour

If you happen to live in Canada, know that Caillou is making an appearance near you! Here is the link for tour dates, of which there are only two. Let’s hope that they decide to come to the U.S. as well! We will definitely keep you posted if that’s the case :)

 Thankfully, there are some other great shows touring in the United States featuring your favorite characters:

Angelina Ballerina: The Musical is showing at Florence Gould Hall, 55 East 59th Street, New York, NY, between Park and Madison Avenues, from Sun. May 6th, 2012 – Sun. May 20th, 2012.


Pinkalicious: The Musical is playing at the MMAC in New York through July 1st, 2012 and in Chicago through August 5. Canadians won’t miss out, either, with the show running in Toronto through June 24.

If you go to see Pinkalicious, be prepared to dress up in your finest pink attire. In the show, Pinkalicious Pinkerton tries to survive on pink cupcakes alone, all vegetables aside! Throughout the show, Pinkalicious learns the value of eating healthy, listening to her mom and dad, and living in moderation. The show includes live music, and the tickets are reasonably priced.

Tickets for Angelina and Pinkalicious are available through

Have you seen the show? If so, what did you think?

New Caillou Books

caillou book

If your child is a fan of Caillou the cartoon show, you’ll be glad to here that there’s more of the Caillou world to explore. In addition to the wonderful show, there is a wonderful new book called Caillou and the Rain. This is an adorable story of Caillou doing what he does best: exploring his world and going on adventures!

It is raining outside and Caillou must dress up in his rain gear to go shopping with his mother. He stumbles upon so many distractions in the house that by the time that he gets dressed, the rain has stopped. Luckily for Caillou, there are plenty of puddles to jump in along the way to the store.

Caillou also gets to celebrate Easter with his family on the farm with Uncle Felix in the book, Caillou: Happy Easter! Throughout his adventure on the farm, Caillou rides the tractor, sees the animals on the farm, decorates eggs, and gets to search for eggs in the annual Easter egg hunt. He and his uncle find more eggs than anyone else in the hen house! This is a must-read for an avid Caillou fan.

Big Brother Caillou

News headlines a few weeks ago proclaimed that television star Kourtney Kardashian is expecting a baby girl and that her son had already chosen her name: Rosie. The name, Kardashian admitted, was from the cartoon Caillou. Whether or not the name sticks, it’s obvious that Caillou is the quintessential big brother for many young preschool boys looking forward to the arrival of a younger sibling.

Caillou is a cartoon adapted from children’s books about a young boy’s adventures. The show first aired on Canadian television and then made its way to American television over ten years ago. Each episode is narrated by his unseen grandmother and follows the imaginative four year-old as he navigates his world. For a young child, Caillou’s relationship with his two year-old sister, Rosie, is particularly important as they watch the siblings play, learn, and grow together.

Maybe you have a preschool-aged child who is a “big brother.” Or maybe you know someone who does. Consider using Caillou and his sister Rosie as a positive example of healthy sibling relationships and, when you arrive to greet the new baby with a gift, bring one along for Big Brother, too! A new toy or piece of Caillou clothing (like this one that features Rosie, too) might help ease the transition. He’ll wear both his new role and his new shirt proudly. It will be his way to proclaim, “I’m a big brother now, just like my friend, Caillou!”

Dolls help to stimulate social and emotional development

Caillou is one of those characters from which your children will never stop learning.  There is a new and important lesson in every episode.  The episodes are geared specifically towards preschoolers in their developmental stages as they grow up.

This brings me to spotlight a few of our Caillou products that actually help to stimulate social and emotional development in young children.  We have our Laugh and Learn books that teach children many important things about growing up. A few of the book topics include potty training, a day at the farm, and going to the doctor’s office. These books help to explain many important events in a child’s life, and can help ease the transition into growing up.

We also have a plush 13” Caillou doll that you can dress. This is a must-have for any avid Caillou fan! It comes with removable clothing and two tools.  Your child will be able to recreate any scene from a Caillou episode, and feel like Caillou is right there on the journey with them.  They will also remember the important lesson that is associated with it.

My favorite is the adorable 14” Caillou farmer doll. This doll comes with a blue rake and shovel accessories.  The head, feet, and hands are made out of vinyl, which is super easy to clean. This doll is made with extreme attention to detail. There is even a Caillou Ecology Club logo on the overalls for all of you biologists-in-training!

All of these products will help stimulate your child’s learning process. Why not purchase one today? If you have a question about any of the products, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us directly.