Creating Teddy

Ken Forsse was a pioneer is his day.  Creating new characters was always on his mind while building animatronic characters for other companies.  Ken used to work for many children’s entertainment companies, including Disney and Sid & Marty Krofft Entertainment, before starting his own company, Alchemy II.  Alchemy II was responsible for building the animatronic characters that were found on Dumbo’s Circus and Welcome to Pooh Corner.  Finally Ken dreamed up talking Teddy one day, an animatronic character that you could actually take home with you and have it read to your children.

Ken had named his company Alchemy because he identified with the Middle Age process of turning lead into gold.  He wanted to have the same effect in essence with his stuffed characters, transforming them into lifelike beings.  Ken developed a method for synchronizing the mouths of the stuffed characters with the voices that came out of them.  He placed the directions for the parts movement and the audible soundtrack within the same tape.  Ken persuaded Worlds of Wonder to manufacture the toy in 1985.  For the first year it seemed like his toy had in fact turned into gold-around $2 million, to be exact.  Later on, however, the business experienced financial difficulty and had to file bankruptcy.

Today the new Teddy is available with a digital cartridge.  Visit our online toy store for more information.  The Teddy Ruxpin series that we now sell have a Digital Program Cartridge and cannot be used with the 1980s, cassette driven Teddy Ruxpin. Let Teddy read to your children today!  Little or no adult supervision is required.