Wiggles exclusives even the band notices

Ty’s Toy Box carries the largest selection of Wiggles merchandise anywhere. They’re even importing exclusive items never available outside of Australia until now. Your resident Wigglemaniac is the reason Ty’s does what it does.

Now, suppose your kids are huge Wiggles fans, and they begged and begged: “Please, Mommy, please, we want to dress up just like the Wiggles!”

And you thought about it and decided that yes, that would be fine. Heck, it’s not nearly as puffy or disruptive as dressing like the Backyardigans, and way less scary than emulating the cast of Lazy Town. Your darlings simply wanted nice bright shirts with the band logo. Piece of cake.

Except that you may have discovered that it wasn’t so simple, after all. There’s only one place in the United States, right now, to buy licensed Wiggles shirts like the band sports. If you headed right over to Ty’s, everyone ended up happy. If you went walking through your local big box stores everyone might’ve ended up empty-handed and frustrated.

And if you did get your shirts from Ty’s Toy Box, and then you went to a Wiggles show, why, you may just have ended up as happy as Amanda Vincent, who reported that she got together with some other moms and took the kids to a Wiggles concert in their official gear. Jeff noticed the kids in their shirts and came down into the audience to greet them!

Amanda snapped this photo at the Dayton, OH Wiggles show on November 7th (her son Adam is the cutie in the blue shirt):

If that’s not Wiggles nirvana for those little ones, right there, I don’t know what is.

Those shirts are so popular, Ty’s can barely keep them in stock. But have no fear! More shirts are coming, and in the meantime, more items are being added all the time. (I don’t know about you, but I am strangely attracted to this little stocking stuffer. I want to put Jeff’s head on Wags the Dog. Is that wrong?)

Wiggles news and Doodlebops sweepstakes

Regular readers know that I am all about The Funny, and indeed, that’s certainly my preference, as matters go. Just about anything will yield some humor if you poke at it long enough. But I’m going to break from my usual schtick for just a moment, today.

If you’ve been to a Wiggles concert recently, or if you’ve been following the scuttlebutt, you probably already know that Greg Page (the yellow Wiggle) has been mysteriously absent from the stage lately. There has been wild speculation about his whereabouts and the circumstances surrounding his “disappearance,” but this week an official announcement was made. Page is suffering from an as yet undiagnosed ailment which causes fatigue and bouts of fainting.

I know I speak for everyone here at Ty’s Toy Box when I extend best wishes for Greg’s speedy recovery and continued good health. (And I’m not alone; it looks like Wiggles fans are already on the case.) Get well soon, Greg!

And in more cheerful news, Cookie Jar Entertainment is so excited about the new Mattel line of Doodlebops toys here at Ty’s Toy Box, they decided to celebrate in style. Visit the official Doodlebops site every day between now and December 15th for your chance to win a trip to California to see the Doodlebops perform live!

You can enter the sweepstakes once per day, and a prize pack winner will be randomly selected each day to receive cool Doodlebops toys. The Grand Prize trip winner will be selected at the close of the contest period (see official rules here). That’s forty-five daily prizes in all, plus the big trip for four to California. That’s a lot of happy Doodlebops fans, I’d wager.

In the meantime, be sure to check out all the new toys in the Doodlebops Store, particularly the great new backpack with removable lunchbag that comes with your choice of bonus watch in either blue or pink.

The holidays are coming, and we all know ’tis the season for brightly-colored children’s entertainers. Or so our kids would have us believe.