Teen Titans news of note: Terra series in the works

If you’re like me, er, I mean, my kids, you have been in quiet mourning since Cartoon Network saw fit to cancel Teen Titans last year. Oh, sure; we’re all waiting with bated breath for their direct-to-DVD movie release, Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo to come out in the Fall, but it’s not the same as having the Titans on every day.


Anyway, one way to assuage the pain of this loss is to keep a sharp eye out for Titans news, and one of the best ways to do that is to tune in over at TitansGo.Net, because those people know everything there is to know in Titans Fandom. For real.

Why, just yesterday they posted up four different pieces of exciting Titans news (and you should go read the whole thing), but I want to focus on the last item. Terra will be getting her own DC comics mini-series! That’s good news for Terra fans everywhere, but particularly my son, who has been pining for Terra ever since the animated series disappeared.

(Parents, please note: The DC comics Teen Titans and the animated series Teen Titans are not one and the same. As is typically the case, the comics are intended for an older audience. Keep that in mind when deciding whether or not to purchase for your kids. For younger kids, consider the Teen Titans Go series, which is closest to the animated version.)

Anyway, as we say ’round here—any Terra news is good news. I can’t wait to check it out.