Yeah, baby—Titans go groovy

Austin Powers. In fact, I now cannot stop exclaiming “Yeah, baby!” in my cheesiest voice, which is scaring the kids just a little. Sheesh. You’d think they’d be used to me by now.

It’s like they stuck the Teen Titans, the Scooby Doo gang, and Austin Powers all in a blender and turned it on. The result? Well, shows off this sneak peek. I look at that page and I sort of want to get up and dance.

DC Comics touts the upcoming issue:

Featuring art by indie comics superstar Chynna Clugston (Blue Monday, Queen Bee)! Mad Mod returns to offer the Teen Titans fame and fortune. Will their new superstar status distract the Titans from finishing off MM once and for all?

The issue is written by J. Torres and already fans over at jtorresonline are chatting it up, mostly in a very positive way. (Although, I just noticed that someone has commented that due to the holiday, all releases will be pushed to Thursday this week… so it’s supposed to be available today, but might be delayed until tomorrow. Call ahead if you’re looking for it.)

If you’re unfamiliar with guest artist Chynna Clugston, she boasts an impressive resume if the advance page wasn’t enough to pique your interest. Other than getting the Austin Powers theme music stuck in my head, I think the 38th issue of TTG is going to be perfect.

Another Teen Titans movie in the works

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract will be coming direct to DVD in 2008.

For everyone who was a fan of the hit Cartoon Network series, this is not for you. For everyone who liked the show but wondered where characters like Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and others were in the original cartoon, this is more up your alley.

Based on the story written by Marv Wolfman and George perez, Teen Titans villain Destroke the Terminator sends a spychopathic metahuman named Terra to infiltrate the team to gain access to their secret identities so he can capture them.

“I love the original story,” explains Wolfman. “This is one of several Titans stories we did early on that deserves to be a movie.”

Wolfman admitted to having a fondness for the original Dethstroke stories, the Terror of Trigon and the Titans story set on Starfire’s home world.

Co-writing and Wolfman will be Tom DeSanto, producer on the “X-Men” and upcoming “Transformers” films. Perez will contirbute all-new character designs, and the team will feature the classic lineup of Wonder Girl, Changeling, Cyborg, Raven and Dick Grayson, who will make the transition from Robin to Nightwing.

Just off the top of my head, I’m going to have to say that that sounds… completely awesome. With DeSanto on board I’m imagining something very dark and compelling. I might not be able to let my kids watch this one, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get the DVD to… ummm… prescreen it, just in case. Yeah. That’s it. has a further bit of clarification:

To rebrief on this new project (and to rid confusion), this DTV release will be an adaption of the classic Teen Titans comic story of the same name, by “The New Teen Titans” co-creators Marv Wolfman and George Perez. For those unfamiliar with “The Judas Contract”, it is a milestone NTT story arc in which Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) sends Terra to infiltrate the Titans as part of his plot to destroy them from the inside. While the Teen Titans animated series adapted the story for Season 2, this new DTV is not related to the show in any way aside from the basic story.

Well, that would be a problem if the “basic story” wasn’t so amazing, I guess. As it is, I’m guessing they won’t have any trouble selling those DVDs when the time comes.

(Psssst! Been to the Teen Titans Store at Ty’s recently? There’s been a bunch of markdowns. And today is your last day to place any order and still receive it in time for Christmas with just the standard ground shipping. I’m just sayin’.)

Teen Titans bonus cartoon available online Somewhere with a lot less knowledge of where to go for a handy Teen Titans fix, that’s where.

According to TGN, issue 37 of the “Teen Titans Go!” comic book contained a special 6-page bonus insert:

Written by Marc Sumerak and drawn by TTG regular artist Todd Nauck, the story features the Titans teaming up with Sara Hunter, a dyslexic girl on a mission to save her father. This bonus comic is part of an effort by Schwab Learning to promote child education.

According to the story, Sara is a childhood friend of Beast Boy, and is an archaelogist like her dad. She proves to be a fun character, one we wouldn’t mind seeing pop up in later “official” TTG stories.

You can check out screen shots of the pages over at TGN, or you can read the entire thing through in their little viewer interface (very slick!).

If you simply must have a paper copy of this mini-adventure for your very own, hop on over to Marc Sumerack’s site for the complete list of comics where the insert can be found. Although I have to admit to a bit of cognitive dissonance over discovering that you can grab the Titans in an issue of Archie. Although I can almost envision Beast Boy and Jughead hanging out together….

Ask those burning Teen Titans questions

How much do I love So so much. They not only have all the latest Teen Titans news, they have connections. And really good ideas.

Like… how about a chance to ask whatever you like of Teen Titans story editor Rob Hoegee?

The live-chat takes place Sunday, November 19th, at 8:00 PM Eastern time (5:00 PM Pacific time), located in’s very own chatroom. For full details on this event, alternate ways to join in, and other info, click here. Hope to see you all Sunday night for our chat with Teen Titans’ Rob Hoegee! points out that participants in the chat will be given a brief period of open Q&A, but you stand the best chance of your question being addressed if it you submit it beforehand. The deadline is midnight tonight (November 15).

While the chat is certain to be Titans-heavy, Hoegee is now the story editor and lead writer for Legion of Super Heroes, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s fielding questions about that as well. Whether you’re a fan of one show or both, this is a great opportunity to peer into a creative mind.

I’m going to try to check in on the chat, myself, but it’s happening at the same time as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and I’m a little afraid that the cognitive dissonance between watching a tear-jerking family show and a chatting with a bunch of teenage cartoon fans might cause my brain to explode. And that would be… bad, I think.

J, J, he’s our man! If he can’t Titan, no one can! once again brings us the latest and greatest information for anyone hooked on the Teen Titans. Their interview with J. Torres is a fascinating peek into one of the great minds behind the Titans, as well as containing some teasers about upcoming “Teen Titans Go!” issues.

I encourage you to read the entire thing. It’s informative and entertaining and totally makes me want to hang out with J. Torres and maybe just chat and shoot some pool. Because my children love Teen Titans, of course. Ahem.

I can’t help it; I just love his enthusiasm and obvious love for what he does:

TGn: So “Teen Titans Go!” is a natural gig for you.

J. Torres: I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying till I die I bet you, TTG was the best book to offer me as my first monthly series. Not only is it all-ages and fun, but it’s based on a cartoon that I love which is based on characters and a comic series that I loved as a kid myself, a comic that really got me into comics, so it comes around full circle rather nicely.

And it’s not as though I doubted he had a sense of humor (really, could you write for “Teen Titans Go!” and not?), but this made me laugh out loud:

TGn: Does DC give you much freedom for writing TTG’s stories? Were there ever any ideas you had to toss out?

J. Torres: So far no. And yeah, they’ve given me a lot of creative freedom. But it’s not like I’ve tried to do anything too violent or crazy, you know? I’ve tried to keep TTG true to the cartoon.

There have only been two or three occasions that I can recall when my editor has said “let’s tweak this”. One had something to do with me writing a line for Starfire about eating toothpaste, and another was an appearance by Arella that he didn’t think fit in with the story. But don’t worry, we’ll finally be seeing her in TTG shortly.

No eating toothpaste though, kids!

The interview points out that you can also have an early look at TTG #36 over at jtorresonline. The issue is due for release tomorrow (October 25th), but if you can’t wait, check it out.

If you’re a fan of the television show but not already a reader of the “Teen Titans Go!” comics, this interview should convince you that the series is quite true to the TV version (and all-ages suitable). It doesn’t have the ease that your kids would enjoy from vegetating in front of the set, I suppose, and might, perhaps, better their reading skills (oh, the horror!), but it’s a workable subsitute.

And with heart-warming messages like “don’t eat toothpaste,” how could you not love it?