Super Why! has arrived at Ty’s Toy Box

PBS Kids, yet, you and your kids are in for a treat. Like all of my favorite heroes, our protagonist Whyatt (who can transform into hero Super Why!) likes to solve problems with… books! I can get behind that sort of philosophy, being an unrepentant bookworm, myself.

Here’s the opening sequence, to give you an idea of the show:

It’s a pretty catchy little show. I mean, it’s designed for ages 3-6, but my kids (well past that age bracket) have been known to watch it when they’re home sick. Just because the channel got stuck there, they assure me. (I am not fooled. It’s a cute show and they like it.)

So—needless to say—we’re pretty excited to welcome the Super Why! crew to Ty’s Toy Box, where they now have their very own Super Why Store. They’re a great addition to our already awesome family of licensed characters here. Welcome to Ty’s, Super Why – we look forward to seeing your new Super Why Toys.