Have you met Sid the Science Kid?

The Muppet Newsflash summarizes the show thusly:

The show focuses on an inquisitive kid named Sid who consistently raises questions about simple everyday things (such as why bananas go bad or how a pancakes cooks) and then he goes and finds the answer using a variety of methods. In the first week Sid will find out how to read a chart, use a magnifying glass, estimate and use other scientific tools. Joining Sid in this scientific adventures is Sid’s family and a cast of friends – including classmates Gabriela, May, and Gerald and their teacher Miss Susie. The show encourages children to explore the foundations of science through the world they encounter every day, making science an inviting adventure focused on real life, close-to-home topics.

What’s not to like about that? Nothing I can think of.

I missed yesterday’s episode, so I went and checked it out on YouTube:

My kids always wanted to know why their shoes shrank, too. I predict Sid is going to be a big hit with inquisitive little ones. And as every parent knows, there is no word more treasured to a little one than “Why?” (Well, maybe “No,” too, but that wouldn’t make for as educational of a show….) Check out the show on PBS, let your favorite small person play around on the official site, and get ready for some serious smartypants action.