Less than a month ’til Shrek the Third

Shrek the Third. What could be better than even more of the wacky characters we’ve come to love? Already we’ve seen Puss in Boots making sad kitty eyes in the movie trailer (that never fails to draw hysterical laughter from both kids). Clearly we’re in for another treat when this one hits the theaters.

We may have to wait until next month for the movie, but my inner geek turned several cartwheels when I stumbled across these Shrek the Third Fun Facts to keep me busy.

A mere sampling:

A total of 28 babies were born to artists during the making of Shrek the Third.

That’s either a whole lot of artists or there’s something in the water over at that studio.

Early in production, the filmmakers considered making Cinderella a complete slob (due to her perpetually having to clean up during adolescence) and Sleeping Beauty completely caffeinated and constantly awake (you can guess why). Eventually, they decided to go in different directions, with a Cinderella obsessed with cleaning and a Sleeping Beauty with a slight case of narcolepsy.

Paging Dr. Freud….

In the scene where Donkey pulls the covers off Shrek’s legs, the ogre’s leg hair had to be trimmed back from the original. They were just too gross and hairy, even for an ogre.

Too gross and hairy for an ogre? How, exactly, are these things determined?

For the shot where the princesses light a bra on fire, the effects team actually brought a few bras to the studio and ignited them outside their building (just for reference, understand).

How do I get a job with these people? Hey, DreamWorks! Call me!

Go read the rest. It’ll have you counting down the days on your calendar. Or—if not—I’ll have to make sad kitty eyes at you.

Fa la la la la in the swamp

When you think about Christmas, you think about Santa, and presents under the tree, and stockings hung with care, and… Shrek?

Well, this year you just might:

ABC Entertainment adds “Shrek The Halls,” an original animated special from DreamWorks Animation SKG, to its impressive library of holiday classics, it was announced today by Stephen McPherson, president, ABC Entertainment and Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation SKG. The half-hour soon-to-be Christmas favorite will premiere in December 2007.

“Family classics are a cornerstone of our brand, and ‘Shrek The Halls’ will provide warm memories year-after-year, and be a great addition to our library of holiday favorites such as ‘Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town’ and ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas,’” said McPherson.


Added Katzenberg, “The time has come to celebrate the joys of the holiday season with Shrek and his family, and see how Christmas would play out in his world. ‘Shrek the Halls’ follows a natural storytelling path for us, and we’re so happy to be partnered with ABC in expanding the world of Shrek into the television arena.”

Listen, I love Shrek as much as the next mom, which is to say that I was all set to disapprove of the crude humor and loved both movies in spite of myself (and in spite of all the fart jokes). And I’m guessing that a Shrek Christmas show will be clever and funny and all of that. But to compare it to ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas?’” Let’s not get carried away.

Let’s just wait and see, I feel the need to primly admonish, even as I tuck the kids into bed and then pull out our “Shrek” DVD to watch without them. Not that I’ve ever done that. You can’t prove anything.

“Shrek the Halls” will air on an as yet unspecified date in December. In the meantime, “Shrek 2″ will make its world television premiere on Sunday, November 24 at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) on ABC. Just to put you in a Shrek-y holiday mood.

I guess I do sort of wonder what Christmas is like in the swamp. Who do you suppose has a more pitiful Christmas tree: Donkey or Charlie Brown? I guess I’ll have to tune in to find out.