Sesame Street still going strong, going green!

sesame-street-40-yearsIt’s hard to believe that Sesame Street turned 40 this past year, but it’s true. For forty years, kids across the country have been learning how to count, spell, and remember what they were supposed to buy at the grocery store. (A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter. I’m nearly as old as Sesame Street and I still remember!)

Of course, our furry pals on that famous street have been concerned about the environment for a long time, but even moreso now that things like global warming are on everyone’s minds. (Check out TreeHugger’s round-up of Sesame Street’s environmental videos for some fun.) But don’t worry—a recent National Geographic article stressed that issues are always presented in a “let’s take care of our planet” kind of way, not in a “hey kids, we’re destroying the earth!” manner. Heh.

As parents, we can feel like we’re doing some small part along with Sesame Street now by checking out the personalized Sesame Street shirts now available at Ty’s Toy Box—they’re all printed on organic cotton! Your kids get all of the friendly characters they love, and you get the all-natural fabric you want. Everyone wins!

Of course, there’s plenty of other goodies in the Sesame Street Store, just in case you need a giant Grover, or something. I don’t judge. (In fact, I kind of want one of those for my room. I suspect my husband will not agree, however.)

Congratulations on 40 awesome years, Sesame Street! Here’s to the next 40!

They can all tell you how to get to Sesame Street

If you’re not getting enough Sesame Street on your local PBS station—and really, maybe you even are, but you’re on the move and needing your kids’ favorite furry pals to be able to be wherever you are—good news! This month Sesame Street went mobile in a big, big way: It was announced that you can now access Sesame Street on iTunes, YouTube, and Hulu. It’s no small landmark for a 39-year-old show to get so connected, and no doubt parents everywhere are relieved to be able to load Elmo up on their laptops and iPods.

Complete episodes of the show on iTunes cost $1.99 apiece, with 70% of the revenue going directly back to Sesame Workshop.

Meanwhile, Hulu and YouTube offer clips organized by special guest star or segment theme.

It’s a whole new way to get to Sesame Street!

Don’t forget to visit the Sesame Street Store here at Ty’s Toy Box for all of your other Sesame Street needs!

Oscar the Grouch champions trash next week!

Actually, I guess I should say he champions less trash: Next week (October 19th – 25th) is Waste Reduction Week in Canada. And who better to address a nation about trash than Oscar the Grouch? No one, that’s who.

I, for one, was very pleased to see that they haven’t changed Oscar’s basic sunny disposition for this campaign, either.

I don’t know if it will get more people recycling, but it did make me chuckle a little.

Don’t forget to check out the Sesame Street Store here at Ty’s!

Start gearing up for back-to-school at Ty’s

It doesn’t seem possible that summer is nearly over, but for those of us who head back to school in early August, it’s a reality. Part of me weeps for the end of those halcyon days…

… and the other part of me realizes that I am remembering through rose-colored glasses that have quickly forgotten the cry of “Mom! We’re bored! What should we do?”


Anyway! Soon we’ll be back in the classroom; my little darlings will be learning important lessons, and I’ll be being hit up for Kleenex and hand sanitizer. It’s the circle of life! Or at least, the circle of public school!

Ty’s Toy Box understands that getting them there in the right mood is half the battle, so feel free to check out the new Back To School Store for all of your back-to-school needs. There’s enough backpacks in there to delight even the most hard-to-please kid, from Thomas the Tank Engine to Avatar to Dora to Hannah Montana.

(Funny, for some reason my daughter is still balking at my suggestion of the Little Miss Trouble bag. I cannot imagine why.)

Hey, I know summer flew by, but at least getting ready for back to school can be fun!

And speaking of Sesame Street

this great piece on Caroll Spinney yesterday and just had to share.

The soft spot in my heart for Sesame Street dates back to my own obsession with it as a kid. And given that I’m, what, like 107 years old, that was a very long time ago. Of all the shows my children have loved over the years, it’s only Sesame Street that I’ve been able to tell them was my very favorite as a kid, too.

In the article, we get a peek inside Caroll Spinney’s career on the award-winning children’s show:

Being Big Bird is sweaty, physical work. But Spinney, who has worked on Sesame Street for nearly four decades playing both Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, has no wish to be anywhere else.

“I can’t imagine willingly walking away from Big Bird and Oscar,” he said.

In today’s world, precious few people have held the same job for 40 years, in any field. To know that—despite the changes the show has been through over the years—the same man has been operating Big Bird for all of this time? Well, I don’t know about you, but for me that’s a little ray of sunshine. And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer series.

Here’s a couple of other links for you, too, while we’re basking in the Sesame Street love:

We have a pretty extensive Sesame Street Store here at Ty’s Toy Box, you know. Just sayin’.

And here’s a bonus link: Did you know that Caroll Spinney is also an artist? It’s true! (How cool would this one be on a nursery wall?)