The Jonas Brothers get a ripe idea

I can’t stop laughing.

It’s just so… so… horrible, really, but still—I can’t stop laughing.

Look; we’re fans of the Walter the Farting Dog series of books by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray. Who isn’t? These books have their place in literature, and by that I mean they inspired legions of reluctant readers to love books. That they’ve done so through flatulence and the never-ending hilarity it affords, well, so be it.

The fact that there’s going to be a Walter the Farting Dog movie is… weird enough. But then yesterday I saw that Fox has landed the Jonas Brothers to appear in the film:

The title character in the “Walter” books is a fat dog with severe flatulence. The brothers play musicians whose parents are asked to care for the dog by an aunt just before she passes away.

“By the time they’ve driven the dog home, everybody’s head is out the window of the family station wagon but Frankie, and only because he has a serious sinus problem and doesn’t notice the stench coming from Walter,” said Peter Farrelly.

While his brothers play music, Frankie and the gaseous hound get involved in a plot that involves liberating a koi fish and thwarting jewel thieves.

Really? Really? That sounds so dreadful. And also like my kids will absolutely love it.

More Iron Man, and Avengers, too

early buzz about Iron Man was right on, and the movie was a box office hit. So it’s only natural that Marvel would plan to ride the tide and make a sequel, right?

But how much of the movie’s success was script, production, etc., and how much as of it was their leading man?

Turns out, Marvel’s willing to bank on Robert Downey Jr.; they’ve just inked a deal with him that cements his role as Iron man for not just one but two more movies, as well as another role:

In addition to starring in “Iron Man 2,” Downey has agreed to return as billionaire Tony Stark and his crime-fighting alter ego in “The Avengers” and a third “Iron Man” installment, guaranteeing the thesp a superhero-sized payday and his own ongoing franchise as part of a four-picture deal with the comicbook company.

Jon Favreau, who is set to helm the second “Iron Man” pic, will also exec produce “The Avengers,” which is skedded for release on July 15, 2011. Pic will unite the Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Incredible Hulk characters.

Oh, man. Do you suppose they’ll manage to keep The Avengers rated PG? I sure hope so. I think the kids would enjoy that. And I’ve heard enough about what a horrible mother I am about not letting them see Iron Man.

(Of course, I just realized that in 2011 I’ll have a kid who’s actually old enough for a PG-13 movie. Wow. Between that and what Downey Jr.’s speculated to earn over this 4-picture deal with Marvel, I may need to go lie down.)

Get ready for High School Musical: Senior Year

High School Musical 3: Senior Year will open nationwide.

Can they score big for a third time? It sure sounds like it:

Advance ticket sales in the United Kingdom — where the film opens Wednesday (October 22), two days before its stateside bow — have broken records set by “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” in 2005, and online ticket sales reports in the United States signal a bumper opening weekend box office.

Donna Martin graduates! Whoops, wrong series. Sorry ’bout that. (It feels about that big, though, doesn’t it?)

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Get ready for Bolt

Bolt, Disney’s upcoming Thanksgiving-time CGI feature film offering. Featuring the voices of John Travolta and Miley Cyrus, Bolt follows heroic TV canine Bolt, who has no idea that he’s the star of a show, rather than just a superdog.

(It sort of sounds like The Truman Show meets The Incredibles, actually.)

If you haven’t heard about the film, yet, here’s a peek:

My children have asked to see this movie no less than 4,926 times since they first saw the trailer this Summer. Thanks, Disney! Ahem.

To pass the time until the official release on November 21st, you may want to check out the newly-unveiled official Bolt site, complete with a Rhino’s Rollerball game for you and the kids to play. (There are two more games “coming soon,” as well, but today I only see the rollerball one available.)

I love a good dog movie as much as the next person, and with Beverly Hills Chihuahua currently making critics roll their eyes, I have to admit, I’m looking forward to this one.

Alice in Wonderland casting news

Alice in Wonderland, slated for release in 2010. Because if ever there was a match made in heaven, surely it’s Burton’s offbeat sensibilities and Carroll’s tale of sometimes psychedelic adventure, right?

But then it did get better, when it was announced that Johnny Depp will play the Mad Hatter. Because, obviously.

It couldn’t get any better than that, right?

Wrong—it just got even better:

Anne Hathaway, who is generating buzz for her performance in “Rachel Getting Married,” has signed for a role in “Alice in Wonderland,” which Tim Burton is directing for Disney.

Helena Bonham Carter also has joined the film.

The movie, which stars Mia Wasikowska as Alice and Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, will use a combination of live action and performance-capture technology to tell the Lewis Carroll story.

Hathaway is playing the White Queen, a benevolent monarch who is deposed and banished by her sister, the Red Queen (Carter), who has an affinity for crying out, “Off with their heads!” The White Queen needs Alice to slay a creature known as the Bandersnatch.

I don’t usually sit around discussing films that aren’t going to be out for a couple of years, yet, but I guess you could say I’m a little excited about this one. This could be awesome beyond measure.