2012 Monster Jam World Finals

Dennis Anderson, grave digger truckSo maybe you’re like me and loved to play with those little trucks and cars when you were little.  Each car and truck had its own unique design.  But of course, my brothers and I fought over the cars, because we each wanted to have the fastest car or the biggest truck.  Sometimes we even had to put the cars and trucks away, they caused such an uproar.

If you were a fan of cars and trucks when you were little, or are just now starting, it’s never too late to relive your childhood fantasy.  You can now watch trucks come alive with Monster Jam 2012! (Talk about your toy trucks and cars on steroids!)  These powerhouse vehicles keep gettin’ bigger and badder every year.  Just ask Dennis Anderson, the driver of Grave Digger:

Monster Jam: What are your expectations for the 2012 Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals? 

Dennis Anderson: I go into every Monster Jam World Finals with the mentality to bring home the trophy, but I will be happy if one of us Andersons brought home the hardware! We are also expecting the biggest and baddest encore ever in the history of Monster Jam. 

Monster Jam: What are some of the most memorable Grave Digger moments in the last 30 years? 

Dennis Anderson: All of my Monster Jam World Finals wins, Adam Anderson taking over my seat in Grave Digger when I was injured, Adam coming back to the Grave Digger team and driving The Legend and last but not least Ryan Anderson introducing Son-uva Digger with his awesome back flip at the 2011 Monster Jam World Finals. 

Monster Jam: What is so special about the Monster Jam World Finals?

Dennis Anderson: There is something there for every Monster Jam fan… The Young Guns Shootout – a true battle of up and coming superstars to the sport, will go head to head in an exclusive Racing battle during the Friday night Double Down! The Young Guns Shootout will feature eight drivers who have two years or less experience driving in the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam, and will make for an exciting addition to an already eventful night for sure. 

Monster Jam: In your eyes over the last 30 years how has the sport of Monster Jam changed? 

Dennis Anderson: Monster Jam is very competitive.  Monster trucks have become more durable and every driver has top notch equipment.  Every team runs their equipment so hard and the obstacles and jumps keep getting bigger and bigger.  The biggest change for me at least is that the new generations of drivers are just running harder and harder and keep raising the bar which ultimately makes Monster Jam so much better for the fans. 

Sounds awesome, right? This event is happening March 23-24 at Sam Boyd Stadium, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Stay tuned for the competition-I may even tune in myself!


Monster Jam Truck “Grave Digger” Celebrates 30th Anniversary

In the late 1970s, people started to modify their trucks.  They also began to compete with one another to see who could build the biggest truck.  Modified pickup trucks soon became popular and so did the sports that were associated with it, including truck pulling and mud bogging.  It is widely believed that the first monster truck show occurred in 1981, when Bob Chandler added 48-inch tires to his truck named “Bigfoot” and drove it over dilapidated cars.  Nowadays, any truck with over-sized tires is generally referred to as a monster truck.

Grave Digger was the first monster truck to gain any recognition following Bigfoot.  This green and black truck became the poster truck for Monster Jam, a live motorsport event that is held year round.  Dennis Anderson helped to increase the sales of Monster Jam tickets with the creation of Grave Digger. He also pioneered what’s known as the “freestyle” version of monster truck competition.

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