The hits keep on comin’ for Idbids

We can’t say that we’re surprised at the recent successes of Idbids; after all, what’s not to like about fun, soft toy characters who promote a love of taking care of our planet? Absolutely nothing, that’s what.

Still, when we last checked in with the Idbids gang, they’d just won yet another award, and no one would think any less of Scout, Lola and Waverly if the summer had been a quiet one.

But that’s just not the Idbids’ style, I guess. Since then, the Idbids have added two more feathers to their cap.

First, they nabbed Creative Child Magazine‘s Toy of the Year award for 2009. And furthermore, they’ve also garnered a Best Green Toy award in the 2009 Dr. Toy Awards.

Of course, the Idbids Store here at Ty’s is still ready to meet all of your Idbids needs; whether it’s the Idbids plush toys themselves (they’re on sale right now!) or personalized t-shirts, you’ll find them right here.

Congratulations on the recent successes, Idbids! I guess iddy biddy steps really can make a biggie big difference!

Iddy biddy steps making a biggie big splash

Here at Ty’s, we absolutely knew back when we opened the Idbids Store that these tiny crusaders for a better planet were on to something big. But the Idbids have been plenty busy since then.

Not only did Idbids founders Sarah Alvarez and Debbie Smith take home this year’s Wonder Women in Toys Award, they went on to bag the prestigious MAX Grand Award for 2009, as well. What makes the Idbids so special? I think this video sums it up pretty well:

And as if that wasn’t enough, now we have a wide array of personalized Idbids shirts (in organic cotton, natch) available for your little eco-warriors here in the Idbids Store. (I absolutely love the Lola Pretty Is As Pretty Does shirt!)

Here’s to the Idbids, and to the iddy biddy steps that help make a biggie big difference in protecting our world.

Get ready for Earth Day!

Earth Day is coming, and that can only mean one thing—you have extra guilt to use as leverage when your kids leave the lights on. Oh, I guess that’s not all it means. But you’re certainly going to want to seize the opportunity to get your kids excited about sharing and caring for our planet, right?

Don’t forget that the U.S. Government has a special page of Earth Day links for kids, to get you started. has some great ideas, too.

Over at the Iddy Biddy Blog, you can read all about the PBS KIDS GO! rev-up for Earth Day, including special themed episodes of many of your favorites, from Curious George to Clifford to Maya and Miguel. And speaking of the Idbids, have you shopped the Idbids Store lately? We have organic cotton Idbids Earth Day shirts ready for personalization; they’re sure to be a hit with your little eco-warrior.

(Of course, we have all of your favorite characters from this month’s eco-themed episodes on PBS here at Ty’s Toy Box, but you already knew that.)

However you choose to get ready for Earth Day, we hope you’ll celebrate!

The Idbids have arrived at Ty’s Toy Box

As parents, we’re always looking for toys we can feel good about, so it’s with an extra burst of pride that Ty’s Toy Box is thrilled to introduce our brand new Idbids Store. Haven’t met the Idbids, yet? Here’s their blurb:

In the land of green, little is the new big. Meet the Idbids — Scout, Lola and Waverly. Likable (make that lovable) characters (make that friends) here to find little partners (make that children) who discover the big (make that important) part they can play in keeping our Earth happy, healthy and green — one iddy biddy step at a time. Visit our store to find green products and eco friendly toys.

Each Idbid is a snuggly friend made from 100% organic (not to mention, snuggly!) Egyptian cotton. And each one comes with both a book and a field guide to help your child start taking those iddy biddy steps towards protecting our planet. They’re not just made in an eco-friendly way, they’re helping the next generation make eco-consciousness a way of life.

Each Idbid kit now also comes with a code which can be redeemed with The Nature Conservancy to make a real difference—participate in your choice of campaigns to help preserve our planet. (Read all about this exciting new feature of the Idbids here on the Iddy Biddy Blog!)

So let’s recap: Each Idbids kit gets you a huggable friend, a Field Guide, a carry pack, a story book, a code redeemable with The Nature Conservancy, and a certificate to recognize the owner once the steps in the Field Guide have been completed; plus, each package is made from recycled and eco-friendly materials. If this isn’t a toy you can feel awesome about, I don’t know what is.

Welcome to Ty’s Toy Box, Idbids! We’re looking forward to taking those iddy biddy steps that make a biggy big difference!

Visit the Idbids Store to purchase your Idbids Starter Kit now!