Best of Both Worlds already setting records

3D Hannah Montana movie is premiering in theaters tonight, and if you know a tween girl, you know all about it. In fact, you’ve probably been hearing about it for months. You probably envision browsing the Ty’s Toy Box Hannah Montana Store in your sleep, and you are probably looking forward to the day when that special little girl in your life becomes too cool for Hannah Montana, and instead develops an interest in boys.


Anyway, the big news is that yesterday—a day before it opened—the movie set a new record for ticket presales:

The 3D movie, which features a filmed concert by “Hannah Montana” singer-actress Miley Cyrus, opens on Thursday at midnight in 684 digital 3D theaters, a Disney spokeswoman said. and, the top online ticket sellers, said “Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert” accounted for more than three-quarters of their ticket sales as of Wednesday morning. said “Hannah Montana” was the site’s best-selling concert film ever, selling out more than 1,000 showings and accounting for 91 percent of sales as of Wednesday morning. reports that the film ranked eighth on its all-time presale list and was tracking at nearly 90 percent of sales on Wednesday.

(What was that recent study, about women controlling 85% of the spending in this economy? Did that include tween girls, do you think?)

Well, now it just remains to be seen if the movie lives up to the hype. Not that a gaggle of tween girls is likely to complain about their pop idol.

This just leaves me with two questions:

1) What, exactly, is it about a rock concert that calls for this thing to be in 3D?
2) Who decided that pretty little Miley Cyrus wasn’t marketable enough as a fresh-faced brunette, and then elected to turn her into a Hilary Duff clone? (And this is even more confusing now that Duff has gone brunette, I have to say.)

Get ready for Black Friday at Ty’s Toy Box

Let me ask you a very simple question. I know—we all know—that you love your kids and want to get them the things they love. Of course. And naturally you’d like to save a little money in the process, too. But just let me ask you something:

Is there some reason you’d rather head out on the busiest shopping day of the year at o’dark thirty just so that you can fight the crowds and the traffic, vs. staying in and ordering cool stuff online from the comfort of your own home (and possibly while still in your jammies)?

That’s right.

For the first time, Ty’s Toy Box is making their Black Friday specials known a few days in advance so that you can plan your day accordingly. (I recommend a cup of coffee while you finish your shopping online, followed by something like a cinnamon roll as a reward for having gotten it all done early and under budget.) Read through; bookmark what you need; and then get ready to rock on Friday, November 23rd, 2007.

Read on for the full list of Ty’s Toy Box Black Friday specials: Continue reading