It’s that special season…

No, not the one where we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet and the stores are already playing Christmas Carols—though it’s also that season, unfortunately—but the one where it’s time to start thinking about what movies are coming out next year.

What, like you weren’t already thinking about it? C’mon.

The UK’s Times Online has published their predictions for the 50 biggest movies of 2009, and there are a half-dozen family and kiddie notables on the list.

They’ve pegged (amongst others) the following movies, which those of us with little ones may want to keep in mind:

I’m just glad for those last two; before I got to those, I was certain that all 2009 held was a bunch of sequels with colons in them….

Wii-mania at Ty’s Toy Box

To hear my children tell it, we are living in the only household in America that still (insert loud child sighing, right here) doesn’t own a Nintendo Wii. I am a monster, I tell you.

Unfortunately, as an employee of Ty’s, I’m thinking that I’m probably not eligible to enter this awesome drawing for a complete Wii system that they’re holding. Darn it. But probably you could enter, and then, if you win? Please invite my family over. Because we are deprived, y’all.

The contest will be taking entries through October 15th, 2008, so you have plenty of time to enter. Then again, why wait?

If you’re a hipper and nicer mom than I am, you probably already have a Nintendo Wii. And if you do, did you know that Ty’s carries plenty of popular Wii games? If we actually owned a Wii, my son would be demanding the Code Lyoko game and (of course!) Pokemon Battle Revolution. And my daughter would want Hannah Montana’s Spotlight World Tour, of course.

Me, I’m sort of eying the High School Musical Sing It! game. Stop looking at me like that—it’s purely for the opportunity to embarrass my children, of course. The fact that the music is incredibly catchy isn’t part of the equation at all. Probably.

Anyway, there you go. Whether you’re looking to shop or win, Ty’s has you covered.

Tune in for the Teen Choice Awards tonight

I’ll tell you right up front, here, that neither of my children are teens. Nor will they ever be. I mean, I assume they will eventually become teens whether I agree with it or not, but as soon as my oldest hits the teenage years I fully intend to enter the Witness Protection Program, thereby missing most of whatever it is that teens do to their parents. (This is not a frivolous plan. It isn’t. Hey, who asked you, anyway?)

All of this is to say that my children will not be checking out the Teen Choice Awards tonight on Fox, but perhaps your house shelters some of those mysterious teens I hear so much about, and perhaps inbetween eating you out of house and home and telling you how you’re completely ruining their lives, they’ll take a break to tune in.

I love this picture of Miley Cyrus from last year’s show; she looks so cute and sweet and adorable. Of course, Cyrus is hosting the awards this year, no doubt as part of her continued campaign to prove to the world that she’s All Grown Up Now, Thank You Very Much.

(Awwwww, don’t be like that, Miley. We still love you as Hannah Montana!)

In addition to seeing what sort of outfit the young hostess wears this year, you’ll want to tune in to find out what the kids are digging these days. You know, just in case you decide to stick around through the puberty poisoning.

Start gearing up for back-to-school at Ty’s

It doesn’t seem possible that summer is nearly over, but for those of us who head back to school in early August, it’s a reality. Part of me weeps for the end of those halcyon days…

… and the other part of me realizes that I am remembering through rose-colored glasses that have quickly forgotten the cry of “Mom! We’re bored! What should we do?”


Anyway! Soon we’ll be back in the classroom; my little darlings will be learning important lessons, and I’ll be being hit up for Kleenex and hand sanitizer. It’s the circle of life! Or at least, the circle of public school!

Ty’s Toy Box understands that getting them there in the right mood is half the battle, so feel free to check out the new Back To School Store for all of your back-to-school needs. There’s enough backpacks in there to delight even the most hard-to-please kid, from Thomas the Tank Engine to Avatar to Dora to Hannah Montana.

(Funny, for some reason my daughter is still balking at my suggestion of the Little Miss Trouble bag. I cannot imagine why.)

Hey, I know summer flew by, but at least getting ready for back to school can be fun!

Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus get two thumbs up

Kids’ Choice Awards on Nickelodeon, and they were notable because Hannah Montana‘s Miley Cyrus walked away with both favorite actress in a TV show and favorite female singer.

Or maybe it was because Harrison Ford got slimed. Personally, I think that was more interesting news, but then again, I’ve had a crush on Indiana Jones longer than Miley Cyrus has been alive….

(I cannot believe I just admitted that. Hi, I’m the Toy Box Mommy, and I am extremely old!)

Some were surprised that Cyrus didn’t take three awards, but Drake & Josh managed to edge out Hannah Montana for favorite show. Hey, she got two awards and she has two hands, so unless she was planning on juggling them, I think it worked out okay. (Also, judging by all of the products in the Hannah Montana Store here, I don’t really think she’s hurting for popularity. Just sayin’.)

My other favorite winner, of course, was the dubbing of Avatar: The Last Airbender as Favorite Cartoon. You know I love Avatar; where else can you get such an involved story embedded in fabulous animation along with humor and entertainment that works for almost all ages? Aside from the little orange Nickelodeon blimp statue thingie they get, I’m pleased that Avatar was recognized for the awesome show that it is. (But I am not going to say that too loudly, because there is a long history of cartoons I love being canceled. Let’s pretend I’m whispering.)

Congratulations to all of the winners, of course, and I would like to respectfully suggest that we work the sliming of guests into the next Academy Awards show, as well. It certainly livened things up a bit.