BLOGregard Q. Kazoo explains it all

I have a confession to make. I may have just the teensiest little bit of a crush on Craig McCracken, the creator of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. It’s just such a wacky and wonderful show, with each character stranger and more enticing than the last. I even forgive him for being the reason that my children now randomly declare (on a more regular basis than I may admit) “I like cereal!” (See also: “I like chocolate milk,” “Television tastes funny!” and “It’s hot in Topeka.”)

One of the things I adore about McCracken is that he posts really fun behind-the-scenes stuff to the Foster’s blog. This past weekend he put up a bunch of beautiful hand-painted versions of the Foster’s house done by Carol Wyatt.

But by far the coolest thing posted to the blog of late is the continuing series about how the show is actually made. This is for the grown-ups (or older kids); little kids probably won’t find it all that interesting, but uber-geeks like me can’t get enough. So far McCracken is up to four parts (and I’m linking them all so that you can go read the whole thing):

Step 1: The Story Meeting
Step 2: The Outline
Step 3: The Script
Step 4: Recording

Did you know that a 22-minute show takes 4 hours to record? Neither did I, until I read about it on the Foster’s blog. And you know I’ll be working that into casual conversation sometime soon, just in case my friends didn’t already think I was some sort of loony cartoon-addict geek. Yeah. You know you wish you were as slick as me.

TV and cartoons and movies, oh my!

Fans of Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender have been all atwitter about the so-called Avatar movie, although some sources say it’s just two episodes shown back-to-back. Who cares? It’s more Avatar, and that’s good enough for us. Avatar Spirit posted handy pointers to both the “Secret of the Fire Nation” trailer and preview. I showed these to my son and he couldn’t stop bouncing. Or asking me when he could watch the whole thing (September 15th).

In the meantime, I turned to Toon Zone to find something else to distract him. The newly revised list of Toon Disney August movies is up, and there are some oldie-but-goodies coming up later this month. In fact, Atlantis: The Lost Empire is on tonight at 5:00. I may let the kids out of the attic long enough to let them watch.

The other excellent piece of news I read this morning is that Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends episodes are now available through iTunes for $1.99 an episode, or $19.99 for the entire first season. Words cannot describe the joy that filled my heart, learning that. Also, did you know that Foster’s has has its own blog? It’s true! Lots of goodies to be found there.

Of course, if you’re having a beautiful day out (as we are, today), you and the kids should be outside playing, not inside glued to the television or the computer. Obviously. But sometimes, you need a little respite in cartoon form… either because it’s raining out or because you need an hour of peace. Tuck these links away for future use as needed, I say.