Dittydoodle Works arrives at Ty’s Toy Box

Sheira and Loli’s Dittydoodle Works, you will. Now showing on PBS stations across the country, the show is making a splash amongst the juicebox set.

Their site characterizes the show this way:

“Sheira and Loli’s Dittydoodle Works” is a multiple award-winning and New York Emmy-nominated preschool series based on rag doll twins Sheira and Loli. These engaging and energetic twins take kids on a magical, musical journey through their factory that produces fun, Dittydoodle Works.

Sheira and Loli, along with their lovable and colorful friends: Professor Eeky Eeky Kronk, Miss Molly; the Funkins (Bluedles and Pink-a-Dink); Doodles the Crayon and Zippy the Kwirk, help teach children important life lessons. Topics such as values, conflict resolution and basic cognitive reasoning skills are communicated through a combination of upbeat, original music, witty humor and vibrant visualizations.

Yeah, okay. I’ve yet to see a program website that didn’t claim their show to be awesome and innovative. What’s the real scoop?

Well, it turns out that the resumes of the folks behind Dittydoodle Works are pretty astounding. Check it out:

Sheira & Loli’s Dittydoodle Works features puppets created by experts from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, and award-winning music written and performed by the real-life inspiration for the series’ main characters, twins Sheira and Leora “Loli” Brayer. The sisters are two-time winners of Billboard magazine’s National Songwriter’s Award, and their performances on Sheira & Loli’s Ditties for Little Kiddies-Volume #1, and Dittydoodle Works Celebrates the Holidays garnered two iParenting Media Awards. Dittydoodle Works is set in a magical musical factory where the only product is educational fun.


The creative team includes veterans of some of the most notable and award-winning productions to come out of Broadway, dance, film, and public and cable television. This multiple Emmy Award-winning team includes Mark Saltzman, a former writer at Sesame Street for nearly a decade; Alan Adelman, lighting designer of numerous television and stage productions, including Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Great Performances, Live from Lincoln Center, and more; and Dean Gordon of the popular PBS children’s series Between the Lions. Joseph Baker, one of Broadway’s most sought-after composers and arrangers, oversees the series’ music with Sheira Brayer. Baker has worked on such Broadway hits as Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, and Lion King.

Check your local PBS affiliate’s listings for showtimes, or look over here for a bit more information and an episode guide.

In the meantime, Ty’s Toy Box is pleased to announce the grand opening of their new Dittydoodle Works store, just in case your little ones aren’t satisfied with merely watching it on TV. Pick up a CD or four for the car, or one of the adorable plush dolls.

Just be warned: the songs are pretty catchy. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself humming some of those tunes even when the kids aren’t around….