Bobby’s World lands on Kabillion… and Ty’s

Bobby’s World first debuted back in 1990. It chronicles the overactive imagination of one Bobby Generic, a 4-year-old boy with a little voice and a big family. Dad is oblivious, Mom is the Minnesota housewife stereotype personified, big sis Kelly is a Cyndi Lauper wannabe, and big brother Derek is a mouthy skaterboy. (Later in the series, Bobby has infant twin brothers as well.) In the midst of everyday life and these myriad characters, Bobby’s mental fantasies spin out with entertaining regularity.

Maybe it’s due to Howie Mandel’s reclamation of fame now that he’s the host of Deal or No Deal (aside: dumbest. show. ever.), or maybe there’s just an exec somewhere who really loves the show, but Bobby’s World is back! You can watch episodes in their entirety over on Kabillion. (When I last checked, there were 16 available. More are being added.) Chances are your kids will find them hilarious. My children are still talking about “remember how Bobby was picking his nose?” Yeah. It’s not high-brow entertainment, folks, but it certainly seems to have captivated my crew.

After you go and get your family hooked on the show, you can bop on over to the brand spankin’ new Bobby’s World Store here at Ty’s Toy Box. (Ahem… speaking of nose-picking….) Ty’s is excited to be taking part in this little slice of retro culture come back to life. But I think I speak for everyone here when I say that even though it’s funny when Bobby does it, we recommend all fingers stay out of all noses. Thanks.