There will be no escaping Bakugan

They’re on my floor, stuck on my lamps, and taking over my kitchen counter. My son has more Bakugan brawlers than I can count, and still he knows all of their names, stats, and special powers.

This is, by the way, the same kid who can’t remember to put on pants, sometimes. They don’t call it selective memory for nothing.

And so my life runneth over with Bakugan, but it looks like things are about to get even more Bakuganful (totally a word)—now we can stay tuned for the official Bakugan movie:

Universal and Stuber Prods. are hoping to capitalize on the latest toy craze among boys, entering into a deal with toy company Spin Master to bring “Bakugan Battle Brawlers” to the big screen.


“Bakugan” airs six days a week on Cartoon as one of its top shows.

No writers are on board, but the studio jumped at the chance to be in business with a toy that has a growing worldwide fan base. It also sparked to the concept and story line, which it believes will translate well into an all-ages action-adventure movie.

Soooo… will it be animated? Live-action? And most importantly… how long do you suppose I can hide this information from my son…?

You will likely be assimilated, and resistance is futile; so you may as well visit the Bakugan Store here at Ty’s for all of your Bakugan needs.

A friendly Bakugan PSA

My son has had many fixations over the years; like most boys, he went through a Thomas the Tank Engine phase, then a Ben 10 phase, and finally a Pokemon phase. But now—like, as near as I can tell, every other boy his age—he is firmly entrenched in the Bakugan phase.

Do not ask me what Bakugan are (they’re plastic balls that turn into battle creatures, I think) or why they’re important (though my son would be only too happy to explain—at length), I just know that they’re a big deal. I also happen to know that they’re pretty hard to purchase ’round town. Our local big box stores have been completely sold out the last few times we’ve looked for them (much to my son’s chagrin).

So here’s my Public Service Announcement for other parents of mid-size boys: Bakugan is going to be incredibly hot this holiday season, at which point most of the toys will be neigh unto impossible to find. Be a hero; shop the new Bakugan Store here at Ty’s Toy Box now while the getting’s good. They even have the highly coveted Bakurack Collector’s Case in stock, which my son has informed me is pretty much all he needs to be happy.

I’m just sayin’: In-stock Bakugan. Consider yourself notified.

Coming soon: Bakugan and Ben 10 nirvana

Newsarama has announced that there will be more of it to love:

Del Rey Manga, an imprint of Ballantine Books at the Random House Publishing Group, in collaboration with Cartoon Network Enterprises, today announced a new manga publishing partnership that will launch with original manga based on two of Cartoon Network’s most successful series: Bakugan Battle Brawlers and Ben 10 Alien Force. This announcement marks the first partnership between Cartoon Network and the Random House Publishing Group’s manga imprint.

The books will start rolling out in December, with more to follow in 2009. My son is going to be delirious with glee. And, um, if he’s reading a book, then I can call it educational, right? Right.

Don’t forget to visit Ty’s Toy Box for all of your Ben 10 and Bakugan needs, in the meantime!