Wii-mania at Ty’s Toy Box

To hear my children tell it, we are living in the only household in America that still (insert loud child sighing, right here) doesn’t own a Nintendo Wii. I am a monster, I tell you.

Unfortunately, as an employee of Ty’s, I’m thinking that I’m probably not eligible to enter this awesome drawing for a complete Wii system that they’re holding. Darn it. But probably you could enter, and then, if you win? Please invite my family over. Because we are deprived, y’all.

The contest will be taking entries through October 15th, 2008, so you have plenty of time to enter. Then again, why wait?

If you’re a hipper and nicer mom than I am, you probably already have a Nintendo Wii. And if you do, did you know that Ty’s carries plenty of popular Wii games? If we actually owned a Wii, my son would be demanding the Code Lyoko game and (of course!) Pokemon Battle Revolution. And my daughter would want Hannah Montana’s Spotlight World Tour, of course.

Me, I’m sort of eying the High School Musical Sing It! game. Stop looking at me like that—it’s purely for the opportunity to embarrass my children, of course. The fact that the music is incredibly catchy isn’t part of the equation at all. Probably.

Anyway, there you go. Whether you’re looking to shop or win, Ty’s has you covered.

Start gearing up for back-to-school at Ty’s

It doesn’t seem possible that summer is nearly over, but for those of us who head back to school in early August, it’s a reality. Part of me weeps for the end of those halcyon days…

… and the other part of me realizes that I am remembering through rose-colored glasses that have quickly forgotten the cry of “Mom! We’re bored! What should we do?”


Anyway! Soon we’ll be back in the classroom; my little darlings will be learning important lessons, and I’ll be being hit up for Kleenex and hand sanitizer. It’s the circle of life! Or at least, the circle of public school!

Ty’s Toy Box understands that getting them there in the right mood is half the battle, so feel free to check out the new Back To School Store for all of your back-to-school needs. There’s enough backpacks in there to delight even the most hard-to-please kid, from Thomas the Tank Engine to Avatar to Dora to Hannah Montana.

(Funny, for some reason my daughter is still balking at my suggestion of the Little Miss Trouble bag. I cannot imagine why.)

Hey, I know summer flew by, but at least getting ready for back to school can be fun!

Get ready for Avatar: The Last Airbender and Sozin’s Comet

Here’s the lowdown:

The Avatar premiere week kicks off with “Western Air Temple” on Monday, July 14 after the Avatar and the gang flee from the failed invasion of the Fire Nation. Reeling from defeat and having left so many behind, the group hides in the Western Air Temple to devise a new plan. They are displeased to find someone unexpected when they arrive, even though they are in need of assistance.

Book Three culminates with a two-hour movie, “Sozin’s Comet,” on Saturday, July 19 when Aang’s struggle with firebending becomes urgent as he learns he must confront the Firelord earlier than planned. Aang prepares mentally and physically for the attack as the comet nears, but when he finally faces the Firelord, will he have the heart to take his life?

It feels like a foregone conclusion, and yet, after almost-three-seasons I feel confident saying that they’ll throw us a curve ball or two. I can’t wait to see how they cap off the season.

Erm, I mean, my son can’t wait. Of course. I just, uh, watch it for work. Yeah, that’s it.

Shyamalan talks Airbender

last checked on the news of the upcoming Avatar: The Last Airbender movie, the big news was that the movie would be dropping the “Avatar” appellation so as not to conflict with an upcoming James Cameron film releasing around the same time. Fine. Good to know, even.

But what about what’s happening with the movie so far? There’s been precious little news. Until this week!

Coming Soon has an interview with the director up, wherein we learn why Shyamalan wanted to do the film:

“It was just the story. I just loved the story,” he told us. “I loved the characters in the story and I felt like I could be me inside this larger canvas of this very long-form movie. I think it inherently had kind of family issues and serious larger topics–at the center, genocide–all kinds of stuff. Cultural differences at the center. It has Buddhism, Hinduism, things I’m interested in. It does have martial arts in a way that’s not bang bang bang, but more about the person mastering yourself and the things that I love. I took martial arts for a long time. A ten-year-old at the center. That point of view felt good, like I could do my thing.”

I also received a press release from Nickelodeon about M. Night Shyamalan’s appearance at Licensing Show yesterday, where his enthusiasm was readily apparent:

During the presentation for The Last Airbender, Academy Award®-nominated writer/director Shyamalan commented, “Casting has begun and we’ve seen thousands of kids. I believe we’ve found the next superstars.” In recounting his excitement about the project and how he got involved, Shyamalan recalled, “I called up my agent and said I have a movie I want to do. We phoned Paramount and Nickelodeon, and told them that we think they have the next STAR WARS.”

Shyamalan also discussed how he came to work on the Avatar film, crediting his daughter as his first introduction to the action-oriented series. “I sat down and watched four television episodes back-to-back with my kids. We were riveted. I said, ‘This would make a phenomenal movie!’ My wife said, ‘This is the one you’ve been waiting for.”

Exciting stuff! I can’t believe we still have to wait until 2010 for the movie.

ToonZone dishes with Avatar creators

Comic Con last weekend? I often wish I could be a fly on the wall at one of these things, just once. I imagine it to be a very special kind of nerd nirvana, and suspect that they have good snacks. Anyway.

ToonZone put up excellent coverage of the Avatar panel a few days ago, but just yesterday they added an in-depth interview with Avatar creators Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino.

I’m not going to bore you with a lot of excerpts; if you’re an Avatar fan, you’re going to want to read the whole thing (probably several times). But seeing as how we were just discussing the live-action movie last week, I did want to draw your attention to this little tidbit buried at the end of the interview:

TZN: You said you have two weeks to finish off season 3. Do you know what’s next for you guys?

KONIETZKO: The one thing we weren’t joking about is that we really are helping on the movie quite a bit. Night has been very collaborative from the get-go, from the first time we ever met him. Very respectful of the project and of us. So we’re helping out a lot on that.

That should, at least, lay to rest any fears that collaboration on the project is somehow lacking or that the vision for the movie is far afield of what we fans have grown to know and love about Avatar.

(And I may not have made it to Comic Con, but I’ll admit to more than a little fangirl glee when reading all about how Bryan Konietzko hadn’t want Toph to be a girl but now she’s one of his favorite characters. Toph rocks!)