The hits keep on comin’ for Idbids

We can’t say that we’re surprised at the recent successes of Idbids; after all, what’s not to like about fun, soft toy characters who promote a love of taking care of our planet? Absolutely nothing, that’s what.

Still, when we last checked in with the Idbids gang, they’d just won yet another award, and no one would think any less of Scout, Lola and Waverly if the summer had been a quiet one.

But that’s just not the Idbids’ style, I guess. Since then, the Idbids have added two more feathers to their cap.

First, they nabbed Creative Child Magazine‘s Toy of the Year award for 2009. And furthermore, they’ve also garnered a Best Green Toy award in the 2009 Dr. Toy Awards.

Of course, the Idbids Store here at Ty’s is still ready to meet all of your Idbids needs; whether it’s the Idbids plush toys themselves (they’re on sale right now!) or personalized t-shirts, you’ll find them right here.

Congratulations on the recent successes, Idbids! I guess iddy biddy steps really can make a biggie big difference!

Hooray for new Mr. Men gear!

I know that it’s a show meant for little kids, and maybe part of it is a bit of precocious nostalgia, but my “big” kids absolutely love the Mr. Men Show. If they stay home sick? That’s what they’re looking for on the television. It’s kind of adorable.

Then again, what’s not to like—there’s a Mr. Men or Little Miss character to suit everyone, and they’re so delightfully goofy, they appeal to kids (and adults) of all ages.

Well, we’re thrilled to announce that the Mr. Men Store here at Ty’s has been revamped and restocked and now carries just about anything you could possibly want for your favorite Mr. Men and Little Miss enthusiast. From personalized clothing to books and DVDs to toys and games, if it’s Mr. Men or Little Miss themed, you’ll find it here.

Now, don’t make me launch into a story that starts, “Back in my day, we only had little square Mr. Men books, and they cost a dollar apiece, and we liked it….” Because I totally will, and a story like that can only end with, “You darn kids get off of my lawn.”

So yeah, the characters have been around for a while. But they’re still awesome, and it’s always fun to watch your kids fall in love with something you loved as a kid.

Countdown to Halloween with Spookley

I don’t know about you, but I’m still wondering where summer went. And now it’s practically the end of September, which means that Halloween is nearly upon us, and once again I’m trying to deal with my kids changing their minds every five minutes about what costumes they want. That’s not even mentioning the candy corn on the grocery shelves that calls to me every time I walk by.

(It’s hard being me. At least in the fall.)

Anyway, Ty’s Toy Box has the cure for the Halloween blues, or at least plenty of Halloween costumes from which to choose, not to mention an entire store dedicated to Spookley the Square Pumpkin.

Have you met Spookley? Here he is:

To find out when the Spookley film will be playing in your area this October, check out the Kidtoon Films site.

And remember—if you shop for a Halloween costume right now, a month in advance, you totally deserve candy corn. I’m sure I read that somewhere.

She’s come a berry long way, baby!

If you’re as old as I am (very, very old—just ask my kids), then you, too, remember when Strawberry Shortcake first arrived on the scene in the early 1980s. By that time I was really too old to play with dolls (see, I told you I was old), but that didn’t stop me from becoming totally enamored of the little scented dolls some of the little girls I babysat for had. What wasn’t to like? Strawberry Shortcake and her gang were plucky, spirited, and they smelled good enough to eat.

Over the years, she’s gone through a transformation or two, it’s true. Her giant bonnet and her bloomers are gone. She looks a little older, a little more hip to the styles of today, but she’s still the cute little girl she’s always been, and she’s just as popular now as ever.

We’re pleased to announce that the Strawberry Shortcake Store here at Ty’s Toy Box is freshly stocked with all of the latest and greatest berry cool merchandise—from the newest Strawberry Shortcake dolls to our exclusive personalized shirts, we’ve got it all.

And yes—the dolls are still scented. Awesome.

Learn along with Super Why!

If you’re not already a fan of the PBS smash hit Super Why!, you must not have little kids. It’s hard to resist a show that’s all about a love for learning, reading and fun. And this month is a great time to either renew your adoration for the Super Why! crew or to get acquainted with them; right now we’re in the midst of Super Why! Wonderrific Weeks (careful, that link has video/sound that begins playing automatically), with each week belonging to a different character. Today (Monday, August 10th) kicks off Princess Presto Week!

I always enjoy learning about the the backstory on my kids’ favorite shows. If you want to learn more about how Super Why! was created—did you know it was developed by the women behind Blues Clues?—check out this segment on Fox News. Creators Samantha Freeman and Angela Santomero talk about the show as well as some general philosophy about kids and literacy and television. It’s a really interesting interview, I think.

And if you’re looking for Super Why! toys, well, of course we’ve got you covered. The Super Why! Store here at Ty’s Toy Box is chock-full of newly-released Super Why! toys! The only problem you’ll have is decided which one(s) to buy. I’m a fan of the Wave and Learn Magic Spelling Wand, but there’s lots of great choices. You just can’t go wrong with Super Why!

Edited to add: Through the end of August, check out this Super Why Super Deal—you’ll get a free plush with every $14.99+ purchase!