Meet the New Wiggles!

Can you believe that The Wiggles have been singing and dancing for 21 years? Well, according to an announcement on The Wigglesofficial website, three of the four Wiggles are ready to retire. Jeff, Murray, and Greg—also known as the Purple, Red, and Yellow Wiggles—will be handing over their jobs to a new generation!

So, meet the new Wiggles! 

All three of the new faces on The Wiggles have been around the show, supporting the main cast in various ways. Emma, the new Yellow Wiggle has been a part of the show for two years and has performed as Fairy Larissa and Dorothy the Dinosaur, among other characters. She is only 22 years-old, but is very talented and very excited to hop on board as a member of The Wiggles.

The new Purple Wiggle, Laughlan, has been touring with The Wiggles’ live show for a while. He’s 26 years-old and has a history on stage in both Australia (where The Wiggles is based) and in the USA.

Simon, the new Red Wiggle, has appeared as a voice artist on a few of The Wiggles CDs and has experience in musical theater. At 40 years-old, he’s the oldest of the new crew, but is excited to use his big voice to entertain as a Wiggle!

The new generation of The Wiggles—together with Anthony, the Blue Wiggle—are preparing for their appearance in 2013, after the current group finishes a huge world tour. I’m sure fans, worldwide, will be sad to see the “old” Wiggles move on, but it will
be exciting to see what’s in store!

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