Family Time with Caillou

Some children today have lost their appreciation for “family time.” Let Caillou teach your little one the joys of playing together!

With the DVD Caillou’s Family Favorites, our favorite four year-old has great adventures with his parents, sister, and grandparents. The DVD is about 100 minutes long and contains the Caillou episodes “Caillou’s Surprise,” “Captain Caillou,” “ Knowing How,” and “People I Love.”

To start your summer off right and let your child experience more fun together as a family, you can use this DVD to introduce the fun. But, don’t spend all your time indoors, looking at a tv screen! Take what you’ve seen and have your own adventures! There are plenty of other Caillou products to help.

For days close to home, you can use sidewalk chalk. Venture far away for a nature adventure with your old bug catcher or butterfly net! On rainy days, you can stay indoors and read a good book like “Calliou In The Garden” and play with a Caillou Treehouse Playset. As Fall nears and nights get chilly, your child can don their personalized hooded sweatshirt and you can take a walk to the local playground.

If your child has a hard time having fun together as a family, there’s no better way to encourage the fun than to show him how much fun his buddy Caillou has with his!


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