A New Chuggington DVD!

Just in time for summer break, there’s a new Chuggington DVD for your kids to enjoy!


In “Wilson And The Ice Cream Fair,” the Chuggington trainees are embarking on new adventures, this time to an ice cream fair, the mayor’s banquet, and the ice caves! Wilson is the main character, but Brewster, Koko, Old Puffer Pete, and Mtambo make an appearance on the DVD, as well. By following along, your kids will learn lessons about cooperation, bravery, and responsibility.

The DVD is about sixty minutes long and was released by Anchor Bay Entertainment, the company that distributed Thomas & Friends videos up until a few years ago. This is the seventh Chuggington DVD they’ve released. Other releases include “Let’s Ride The Rails” and “Traintastic Adventures.” In addition to the Chuggington DVDs, Anchor Bay Entertainment also distributes childhood favorites like Nick Jr’s Wubbzy and the storybook-based Eloise DVDs.

“Wilson And The Ice Cream Fair” is available in DVD stores nationwide and can be purchased online. If you want to know more before you buy it, you can even watch the trailer!

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