A Good Book Never Grows Old

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or family friend, you will always want to give the perfect gift. But it’s sometimes hard to justify purchasing a gift that a child may lose interest in as they grow or that will seem outdated in just a short time as newer, more exciting toys are sold. So, when making your gift-giving decisions, don’t forget the most timeless of all children’s gifts: a good book.


Looking back on your childhood, it might be obvious that books were some of the gifts you enjoyed the most. What makes books so important for children and why are they so often overlooked as gifts?

From very early in their lives, children are like repositories for information, taking in all they see and hear, processing it and storing it for later use. And, when encouraging a child’s learning process, the power of books cannot be underestimated. A child’s first exposure to a book is likely through hearing a parent read the story and seeing the pictures. Throughout the next few years of their development, the very same book they enjoyed hearing read as a toddler can help them in other phases of development. Re-reading the same book over the course of a few years can aid in character development, teach them to communicate through storytelling and then, eventually, help them learn to read as their familiarity with the pictures and storyline will help them understand the words they see.

A good book never grows old. We often overlook them as gifts because other toys seem more exciting for young eyes, but time has told us that a book has lasting value. So, when looking for the perfect gift, it’s nice sometimes to pick the underdog: a good book. But don’t stop there! Read it to them. Then, read it with them. And then sit back and enjoy it as you hear them read it back to you one day!

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