Barney Says, “Clean Up!”

It’s been twenty years since Barney, that ubiquitous purple dinosaur, appeared on television screens. And over the course of those twenty years, children of all ages have grown to love the silly dinosaur, his infectious giggle, and his catchy songs. There is no shortage of Barney and Friends merchandise for young fans, from books and DVDs, to plush Barney toys and games. But what is a parent to do when their little Barney fan won’t cooperate when it’s time to clean up all those great toys? Well, Barney himself has plenty to say about that!

“Clean up, clean up. Everybody, everywhere!
“Clean up, clean up. Everybody, do your share.”

Barney’s “Clean Up” song is one of the few Barney and Friends songs that most of us have heard, even those who have never seen the show. This song is so well-known, in fact, that it’s used in classrooms, churches, and homes around the country to help make cleaning up after play a little more fun for children. But the great thing about Barney’s “Clean Up” song is that it can be used anytime your kids need a little nudge of encouragement—after dinner, before bed, while preparing for visitors, etc. It’s not just for cleaning up after playtime!

Since you’re probably familiar with the song, it might be worth learning if you know a young child who dreads cleaning up their toys. (You can listen to it on the Barney music player here!) Consider it a little trick you keep up your sleeve for times when the kids are uncooperative or moving too slowly while they clean up. Singing the song together will help them move a little faster, make it a little more fun, and encourage everyone to do their share!



If the “Clean Up” song is not enough, or if your kids need a quick lesson in doing their share to help out, you might consider watching Barney’s “Clean Up, Clean Up!” DVD together.

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