Big Brother Caillou

News headlines a few weeks ago proclaimed that television star Kourtney Kardashian is expecting a baby girl and that her son had already chosen her name: Rosie. The name, Kardashian admitted, was from the cartoon Caillou. Whether or not the name sticks, it’s obvious that Caillou is the quintessential big brother for many young preschool boys looking forward to the arrival of a younger sibling.

Caillou is a cartoon adapted from children’s books about a young boy’s adventures. The show first aired on Canadian television and then made its way to American television over ten years ago. Each episode is narrated by his unseen grandmother and follows the imaginative four year-old as he navigates his world. For a young child, Caillou’s relationship with his two year-old sister, Rosie, is particularly important as they watch the siblings play, learn, and grow together.

Maybe you have a preschool-aged child who is a “big brother.” Or maybe you know someone who does. Consider using Caillou and his sister Rosie as a positive example of healthy sibling relationships and, when you arrive to greet the new baby with a gift, bring one along for Big Brother, too! A new toy or piece of Caillou clothing (like this one that features Rosie, too) might help ease the transition. He’ll wear both his new role and his new shirt proudly. It will be his way to proclaim, “I’m a big brother now, just like my friend, Caillou!”

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