Sesame Street still going strong, going green!

sesame-street-40-yearsIt’s hard to believe that Sesame Street turned 40 this past year, but it’s true. For forty years, kids across the country have been learning how to count, spell, and remember what they were supposed to buy at the grocery store. (A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter. I’m nearly as old as Sesame Street and I still remember!)

Of course, our furry pals on that famous street have been concerned about the environment for a long time, but even moreso now that things like global warming are on everyone’s minds. (Check out TreeHugger’s round-up of Sesame Street’s environmental videos for some fun.) But don’t worry—a recent National Geographic article stressed that issues are always presented in a “let’s take care of our planet” kind of way, not in a “hey kids, we’re destroying the earth!” manner. Heh.

As parents, we can feel like we’re doing some small part along with Sesame Street now by checking out the personalized Sesame Street shirts now available at Ty’s Toy Box—they’re all printed on organic cotton! Your kids get all of the friendly characters they love, and you get the all-natural fabric you want. Everyone wins!

Of course, there’s plenty of other goodies in the Sesame Street Store, just in case you need a giant Grover, or something. I don’t judge. (In fact, I kind of want one of those for my room. I suspect my husband will not agree, however.)

Congratulations on 40 awesome years, Sesame Street! Here’s to the next 40!

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