The Veggie Tales gang has arrived at Ty’s!

Veggie TalesBroccoli… celery… gotta be…

… Veggie Tales!

Sorry, did I get that song stuck in your head? It is pretty catchy.

I’ve been a huge fan of Veggie Tales ever since Big Idea began—perhaps it’s something about talking, singing produce… or maybe it’s the great ideals behind the stories… but mostly I think it’s the Silly Songs. If you’re unfamiliar with Veggie Tales, perhaps you’ll enjoy one of our favorites:


Anyway, I kind of have a thing for Veggie Tales, is my point. And now Ty’s does, too—check out the new Veggie Tales Store here at Ty’s Toy Box! Not only do we have a wide assortment of Veggie goodness, for a limited time you can use coupon code Veggie10 to take 10% off your $25+ order of Veggie Tales merchandise. I think Larry the Cucumber would approve.

Welcome to Ty’s, Veggie Tales! Now, about that water buffalo….

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