Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures now at Ty’s Toy Box!

betsy-kinderKindergarteners are naturally bouncy and curious, but you’d be hard pressed to find a more lovable gang of ‘em than Betsy and her pals, the PBS animated show about their adventures at Lakeshore School.

For kids, it’s a chance to see that starting school is a little bit scary for everyone, but mostly the gateway to fun and adventure. For parents, it’s half an hour of peace while your kid blisses out to some wholesome PBS programming. Heh. Also, check out the voice talent on board—plenty of actors even us “old folks” will recognize from show past, like Tom Bosley, Fred Willard, and even Sally Struthers. And Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson) does three of the characters, too.

Anyway, now the fun has landed here at Ty’s Toy Box, with our brand new Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures Store. You’ll find books and DVDs as well as personalized clothing and other items. It’s a little Betsy’s fan dream come true!

Welcome to Ty’s, Betsy and friends. Thanks for making kindergarten a little bit easier for a generation of kids!

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One thought on “Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures now at Ty’s Toy Box!

  1. Boy, you have quite a variety in your Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures Store and it is reasonably priced. I’m impressed.