Teddy Ruxpin hitting 30 Rock

30 Rock.

(I think it goes without saying that I’ve already set my DVR.)

Whether or not you’re a fan of 30 Rock (although, seriously, that show is hilarious), I think we can all agree that once you’ve done a stint as, um, guest bear on a hit NBC comedy, you’ve arrived.

Of course, here at Ty’s the Teddy Ruxpin Store is ready for everyone, holiday shoppers and Tina Fey fans alike. We don’t discriminate. And if you can present a Teddy to a child you love with a comment about how you remember when he first came out (or that you saw him on TV just recently) (or both!), well, so much the better. But whatever works for you.

(But, um, Teddy? If you could get me Tina Fey’s autograph…?)

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One thought on “Teddy Ruxpin hitting 30 Rock