All hail Olivia the Pig!

I have a little crush on Olivia. I can’t help it; she’s simply adorable, and she gives me an excuse to call my children piglets. (What? Oh, like you’ve never done that.)

I love everything about her, and although my children have outgrown her, a bit, I still love her official website and playing with all it has to offer. Did you know that Olivia creator Ian Falconer comes from a background in art (that explains the sparse but so demonstrative illustrations, yes?) and came up with Olivia based on his niece? It’s true, and I learned it on the website.

And now there’s a slew of new merchandise in the Olivia the Pig Store here at Ty’s Toy Box, just in time for the holidays.

I cannot imagine what spirited little one wouldn’t want a personalized Olivia t-shirt. And they come in adult sizes, too, which means that even I can proudly declare that wearing a tiara makes every day magnificent. Hee.

If you can’t find something there you have to have, well, I fear you just may not have a soul.

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