Hooray for new Mr. Men gear!

I know that it’s a show meant for little kids, and maybe part of it is a bit of precocious nostalgia, but my “big” kids absolutely love the Mr. Men Show. If they stay home sick? That’s what they’re looking for on the television. It’s kind of adorable.

Then again, what’s not to like—there’s a Mr. Men or Little Miss character to suit everyone, and they’re so delightfully goofy, they appeal to kids (and adults) of all ages.

Well, we’re thrilled to announce that the Mr. Men Store here at Ty’s has been revamped and restocked and now carries just about anything you could possibly want for your favorite Mr. Men and Little Miss enthusiast. From personalized clothing to books and DVDs to toys and games, if it’s Mr. Men or Little Miss themed, you’ll find it here.

Now, don’t make me launch into a story that starts, “Back in my day, we only had little square Mr. Men books, and they cost a dollar apiece, and we liked it….” Because I totally will, and a story like that can only end with, “You darn kids get off of my lawn.”

So yeah, the characters have been around for a while. But they’re still awesome, and it’s always fun to watch your kids fall in love with something you loved as a kid.

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