Learn along with Super Why!

If you’re not already a fan of the PBS smash hit Super Why!, you must not have little kids. It’s hard to resist a show that’s all about a love for learning, reading and fun. And this month is a great time to either renew your adoration for the Super Why! crew or to get acquainted with them; right now we’re in the midst of Super Why! Wonderrific Weeks (careful, that link has video/sound that begins playing automatically), with each week belonging to a different character. Today (Monday, August 10th) kicks off Princess Presto Week!

I always enjoy learning about the the backstory on my kids’ favorite shows. If you want to learn more about how Super Why! was created—did you know it was developed by the women behind Blues Clues?—check out this segment on Fox News. Creators Samantha Freeman and Angela Santomero talk about the show as well as some general philosophy about kids and literacy and television. It’s a really interesting interview, I think.

And if you’re looking for Super Why! toys, well, of course we’ve got you covered. The Super Why! Store here at Ty’s Toy Box is chock-full of newly-released Super Why! toys! The only problem you’ll have is decided which one(s) to buy. I’m a fan of the Wave and Learn Magic Spelling Wand, but there’s lots of great choices. You just can’t go wrong with Super Why!

Edited to add: Through the end of August, check out this Super Why Super Deal—you’ll get a free plush with every $14.99+ purchase!

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