Can the Transformers do it again?

Chances are you haven’t turned on your television or been to the movie theater this summer if you’re somehow unaware of the latest Transformers movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I’ve taken my children to several movies this summer and every single one has an action-packed trailer for the Transformers movie during the previews, and every time my son (who is well under 13, and therefore will not be seeing this PG-13 movie) turns to me and says, “That looks so cool!”

Of course, the first Transformers movie met with mixed reviews; some argued that it was a blasphemy against the original concept. Others said it was everything for which die-hard Transformers fans could’ve hoped. In the end, the movie did develop a cult following, and here they are again, hoping to bring in the fans.

Will it be a huge hit? That remains to be seen. The aggregate score over at Rotten Tomatoes remains lukewarm, but that may be enough to keep it around purely on the strength of loyal teenage fans of the male persuasion. And although it’s been years since I was a teen (and I’ve never been a boy!), I have to admit that the trailer does sort of look enticing. What’s not to like about giant robots beating each other up? Nothing, that’s what.

I’ve also become somewhat hooked on the Transformers Live Action Movie Blog, because I’m a sucker for serious fandom. Check it out if you can’t get enough.

And, of course, don’t forget to visit the Transformers Store here at Ty’s Toy Box! The only thing better than giant robots beating each other up is giant robots beating each other up on your t-shirt. I’m sure I heard that somewhere.

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3 thoughts on “Can the Transformers do it again?

  1. Cool new toy I found just came out on the market…it is called the puppetteller… just starting to show up in small toys stores.

  2. Although i’m a MASSIVE transformers fan, i must agree with the ‘luke warm’ score at rotten tomatoes.

    The new film just didnt gel like the first one. Also the new transformers (especially the twins) were just annoying.

    That said, it wasnt bad, i still enjoyed it…

  3. The Harry Potter movies are brilliant and this one is no exception – both my kids and my parents love them, they truly span the ages.