Iddy biddy steps making a biggie big splash

Here at Ty’s, we absolutely knew back when we opened the Idbids Store that these tiny crusaders for a better planet were on to something big. But the Idbids have been plenty busy since then.

Not only did Idbids founders Sarah Alvarez and Debbie Smith take home this year’s Wonder Women in Toys Award, they went on to bag the prestigious MAX Grand Award for 2009, as well. What makes the Idbids so special? I think this video sums it up pretty well:

And as if that wasn’t enough, now we have a wide array of personalized Idbids shirts (in organic cotton, natch) available for your little eco-warriors here in the Idbids Store. (I absolutely love the Lola Pretty Is As Pretty Does shirt!)

Here’s to the Idbids, and to the iddy biddy steps that help make a biggie big difference in protecting our world.

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One thought on “Iddy biddy steps making a biggie big splash

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