Celebrate Memorial Day with Super Why!

Sure, Memorial Day is traditionally used by many here in the U.S. to mark the unofficial start of summer, or to have the first big barbecue of the season. But little kids don’t care about any of that, so thank goodness that PBS KIDS will be hosting a Memorial Day Super Why! marathon event to keep the small ones happy.

From the site:

This special 2-hour TV marathon features two new episodes and two returning favorite episodes. It also features never-before-seen live-action interviews in-between the episodes in which real kids share their thoughts about what it means to be a hero.

Of course, the only thing that could make the total Super Why! experience even cooler for your kid would be if you scooped up one of our personalized Super Why shirts, but you’re the only one who knows if that’s too much excitement to handle for one day.

And I just noticed that the Alpha Pig to the Rescue shirt comes in adult sizes. I, uh, have to go… do something. Stop looking at me like that.

Here’s to a long weekend filled with the heroes of your choice!

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