Have a lovely day out, with Thomas

When my son was about two, he entered the Thomas Phase. I think many boys do this—it’s like they hit a magical age where a switch flips in their brains, and all they see, everywhere they look, is talking trains. We watched the Thomas show, he never wanted to play with anything besides his Thomas trains, and if you had the gall to place any other sort of toy in his hands, he would immediately pretend they were trains. (And really, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a small boy conducting a conversation between two markers. “You naughty engine!” etc.)

As parents we grew a wee bit tired of the All Thomas, All The Time thing, but we also enjoyed his enthusiasm; so when the Day Out With Thomas tour came to a nearby town, we took him to meet Thomas. And that child just about lost his mind with glee. He kept squealing and exclaiming and pointing and just generally acting like this was way better than Christmas. If you have a little Thomas fan, I cannot recommend this event highly enough. It’s something they’ll remember for a lifetime.

You can view the current Day Out With Thomas schedule to see if Thomas and his pals are coming to a locale near you this year. (I love the way they have this set up, now—you can even buy tickets online! You couldn’t do that back when I took my son years ago.)

Of course, if you want to have the ultimate Thomas experience, surprise your little fan with a personalized Thomas shirt before you go! Ty’s has plenty of styles in stock, although I recommend the Really Useful James shirt. (There was an entire year, there, where “Really Useful” was the highest compliment my kid could offer. Heh. I sort of miss that.) Anyway—go enjoy. The train phase only lasts a few years, so enjoy it while you can!

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