Get your kids ready for the Inauguration

Regardless of your political leanings, I think it’s impossible not to feel the excitement as we get ready for the Presidential Inauguration happening tomorrow. It’s a historic time in our country’s history, and kids have been fired up about this election in a way we’ve never seen before.

Whether it was the Nickelodeon Kids Pick the President campaign or a special election-themed WordGirl, kids have been seeing election buzz for months, now. And this week, it all comes together as President Obama is sworn into office. And Nickelodeon is ready—they’re planning their first coverage of the Presidential Inauguration:

Nickelodeon, in another first, will feature coverage of the historic presidential inauguration starting Monday, Jan. 19, at 4 p.m. ET/PT. KPP Election Connection Team correspondents — Lily Collins, JJ and Pick Boy — will report on the political celebration from Washington, D.C. in a series of pre-taped interstitials highlighting the historic Inauguration Day and the celebrations leading up to it.

Additionally, on Inauguration Day — Tuesday, Jan. 20 — at 8 p.m., vignettes featuring footage of the President-Elect’s Oath of Office, will air on Nickelodeon, The N and Nicktoons Networks. Interstitials will continue to air on Nickelodeon through Jan. 31 and will highlight the parade down Pennsylvania Avenue; President-Elect Obama’s arrival at the White House; his inauguration speech; and more.

What a savvy move by Nick, both to keep kids interested in the world around them and to ride the current political wave. This is smart children’s programming at its finest.

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