Ringing in 2009 with the kids

Every year I vow to do something special with the kids on New Year’s Eve, and every year I end up buying them a bottle of sparkling apple cider and threatening to send them to bed early by 8:00 or so.

Good times!

This year I may try something different. We’ll be visiting the grandparents, so perhaps a dump-n-run…? (Kidding! I’m kidding, Dad. Honest.)

Well, I did some poking around online, and there’s no shortage of ideas for ushering in the new year with your little ones. Here’s a few sites to check out if you’re looking for some ideas for tonight:

  • eHow has 8-step instructions for the evening.
  • AmazingMoms.com has plenty of party suggestions.
  • Family Fun is always good for some interesting ideas.
  • And Fine Living reminds us that New Year’s needn’t be an adults-only holiday.

Whatever you end up doing, have a wonderful evening. And here’s to a great 2009 from all of us here at Ty’s!

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